July 23rd, 2009


things are moving along

I mentioned yesterday about how productive I've been lately. I haven't been sooo great the last two nights at home after work and tonight is yoga night so that'll be three nights in a row with not serious editing sessions. But aside from that, things are moving along.

I realised that the main editing I have going on is Robot War Espresso. It's my main priority once A Book of Endings goes to print. But with editing like this, you have to work on it as soon as the author gets you the next bit so that they are not waiting on you, but once that goes back ... there's time for other projects.

So, I was thinking about how four books this year was an enormous push. There were times where I was just horrified at myself for the schedule. Four books was a ridiculous workload. Yes. Cept I always knew there were five books lined up for 2010. So, you know, I was thinking how it's only July. I have bits and pieces of the books for next year already submitted. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to multitask next year's workload now and have sections of manuscripts completely ready for going to press at the pace that each author is finished, rather than editing the whole manuscript in one sitting (not for Sprawl because I won't be buying works till I have all the submissions and can balance the book up etc). So I sat down and wrote up the rest of the '09 schedule and the '10 schedule with status on all the bits and pieces for each. And, um *coughs* ... *shuffles* I might have seven projects for 2010. I might need to rethink that. Though in my defense, three are novella-like projects. And two are wrapped up in grant proposals.

So yeah, getting onto editing 2010 projects now seems like a good idea :)


serendipity is ...

sitting here thinking that whilst you love yoga, you really don't want to go tonight and thinking how you really need to finish proofing A Book of Endings, your mobile phone beeping, wishing that it is your yoga instructor cancelling the class and ... it IS YOUR YOGA TEACHER CANCELLING THE CLASS!

That never happens!! Now I must use the opportunity and ... finish proofing A Book of Endings.


Female Appreciation Month Day 10

Missy Higgins

So I sucked it up today and delved into music that meant something to me whilst I was with the ex. Missy Higgins's first album The Sound of White came out in 2004 and I loved it and played it a lot. I think I played it with the ex on the boat and in the car, which was where we spent a lot of time together. Her second album came out in 2007 and he was very into her by then and he nicked my copy about a week after I bought it and kept it in his car. I never saw it again and assumed he'd kept it in the split. But no, I found it in my collection on the weekend. Today I popped it on for the first time in a very long time, and girded my loins.


And nothing. I didn't even really like the album that much. I played The Sound of White a few times through today and delved into the depths of my soul to see what memories it evoked. And actually, loneliness was the emotion I got. I think I listened to this album a lot as I started to get depressed. And also when the ex wasn't there - all those times, so much of our relationship in fact, that I spent waiting for him to come and hang out or just be with me. So I related to this album a lot then for that reason and so too now it's this bittersweet piece where I still feel the same way. Except, The Sound of White, the single, shouldn't have meant as much to me going down into the spiral towards the abyss as it did. And, well he did come in after me and reach his hand out and pull me out of it. Or maybe he just showed me to the ladder.

And so, the Sound of White, which didn't make me feel as bad as I thought it would and at the same time made me feel much worse. Either and both ways, I still love it and it might find a high rotation here now. Some demons have been put to bed, I think.

Here she is playing it live at the Arias where she won a swag of awards for her debut album:


I was introduced to Shakira by a friend of mine who was studying here on an international student program from California. She introduced me to Ani Difranco and I think Sarah MacLachlan and also Shakira. But this was the Shakira pre-breaking out into the global, english speaking market with Laundry Service. I fell in love with Shakira listening to her spanish albums and I still prefer to listen to her singing in Spanish. Many of the big pop hits she's had are translated from the spanish and still work which I think shows a skilled songwriter and singer. Still, my favourite album remains Donde Estan Los Ladrones (Where are the Thieves) which was one of the highest selling Spanish albums in the US of all time. I love her deep, rich voice which has great range. I love the powerful and successful young woman image that she projects, in control of her life and in creative control of her work. And her songs are damn cheery to listen to.

Si Te Vas (If you leave)

No Creo

and Ojos Así (Eyes like That) which just has this awesome middle eastern sound to it. (What with all the Yalla hey! stuff in it!!). I dare you to listen to this and not find yourself dancing!


OCD'ers have street cred, yo!

My darling pregnant sister called me this afternoon for advice.

She's come into direct contact with Swine Flu - it was calling from inside the house!!! That luncheon thing that I didn't go to? Well people who were there have just been swabbed positively for swine flu! And she called me in a tizz for advice - after she called mum and her gp.

See, she figured I'd be well researched on the matter. And *hands on hips* so what if I am? :P

We talked at length and I told her to call me back *if* she gets a fever but it's been like 4 days so she's probably good. (Which was totally what the GP said, I'm sure I just listened longer)


Mental illness has street cred, yo!

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star trek

Forgot to squee about last night's episode of Classic Trek which had everything a gal could want: Green Kimono uniform for Kirk, Evil Twin Kirk, crazy stuffed dog that looked like Benji but also had an Evil Twin... and ... "he's dead Jim" AND "I canna change the laws of physics" !!

I mean, I may as well stop now. No other episode will ever come close to the perfection of this one.

(Watching in retrospect is never the same, eh?)

ETA: I take that back. This one has got one of the Three Muskateers in it.



I'm following NASA's tweets which have been tweeting Apollo 11 in real time + 40yr. The following tweet just came through:

@ApolloPlus40: Crew are carrying torn halves of $ bills, for post-flight return to record-keepers in aviation tradition to verify they are the same men.

I'm assuming that the record-keepers have the other halves of each of the men's bills? I think this is so cool that a) someone thought that a possible risk was lookalike men returning in the place of the original astronauts, b) they had a plan in place to combat this and c)that no other science fictional show or book has used this very easy solution to the Evil Twin problem!!

Real science can be cooler than fiction!