July 24th, 2009


random stuff in no particular order

I am still sleeping on the other side of the bed and am sleeping much better than I have in weeks.

I was woken by a phonecall this morning:

GJ: Hello?
Caller: Who's this?
GJ: Who's this?
Caller: Do I have the wrong number?
GJ: Perhaps you do.

Ahh to be amused to wakefulness. My mother would like to think this exchange is as a result of her excellent and broad coverage of Stranger Danger. The truth is, it just pisses me off to be woken up and asked who I am. Fuck off, if you don't know, YOU called ME!

I hate hate hate being condescended to. HATE it. I hate people assuming I don't know anything about something just because I never had the conversation with them about that subject before. It is a very obnoxious thing to go through the world assuming you know more on a subject than someone else. And when you do it with me, you push a bunch of my buttons that once pushed are hard to switch off. Particularly because in my world experience, mostly men do it to me and it feels sexist. That is how I experience the exchange, in any case.

But enough of that! I have much at work to irritate the shit out of me. Back to that!


Female Appreciation Month Links

Just a quick wrap up from around the place on others appreciating women:

jasonfischer appreciates Melissa Auf Der Maur and Heart
jonathanstrahan appreciates Aimee Mann and Bachelor Number 2
I'm loving hearing about people discovering new music from all the recs being blogged. Here's catundra's.
ladnews raves about Fourplay who are currently on tour with their new album. Fourplay may be in my queue for later in the month :) Here's his post in the meantime.
pharaoh_katt appreciates Children's Music, including Carol King and the Dresden Dolls

I'm gonna appreciate my good friend random_alex who went off for a 6 month bike round around Great Britain with her husband but has stayed online so we haven't had to miss her too much. Here's a photo of her current reading, at the bottom of her post.

And the following issue is included because I am appreciating the vocal protests on the issue.

Justine Larbalestier's new novel with a black female protagonist has been released with a white face on the cover. Larbalestier talks about it here

benpeek talks about it here and cassiphone also posts about the issue:
So the publisher's defence is to suggest that the character is in fact not black. Larbalestier has made it publicly clear that this is not the case - but the publisher would like its potential audience to read the character's appearance and race out of the narrative, so that she matches the saleable white girl cover.

--snip --

Myths like "white people won't buy books with black people on the cover" need to be challenged. How do they know if they won't try it? The publishing industry is not the same place it was five or ten or twenty years ago. I hear that people will even on occasion buy fantasy novels without dragons or chainmail bikinis on them.

Colleen Mondor also comments. And asks for links back to her to collect response all in one place to lobby the publisher

And Glenda Larke - comments here.


Female Appreciation Month Day 11

I spent today with Camille. I actually bought this album, Le Fil (The Thread), her second album, the same day I bought Kate Nash and I love it. It's all French but Ta Douleur got quite a bit of Triple J airplay which is where I found it. I love her music, it's very catchy and just groovealongable (is that a word?). I love her offbeatness. her difference.

Ta Douleur (Your Pain), the official clip, with bonus knitting porn. What's not to get excited about?!?!

I also love Au Port. Check her out live - she's so quirky as a performer and I think that's part of her appeal to me in a world of so much sameness and fear of breaking the mold or trying something new.

I've been quite angry at myself about not noticing the Triple J bias towards a male artist high rotation playlist (77% male) but the more I look at what female acts I have discovered through Triple J I think the truth is, it's not that I didn't notice, it's that I was paying extra attention to the female acts that they did play. I think?

These Boots Are Made for Walkin' by Nancy Sinatra. Youtube had a nice array of versions of her singing this song. Below is a sexed up 2005 version and under that the sexed up 1966 version. It's funny seeing her perform this song because this song has been a power song for me all my life, my mother having sung it to me for as long as I can remember and I dunno ... I never took it as sexily as she performs it. Sinatra is singing it, clearly about one dude and I think I took it to mean All dudes. Is that my post-feminist revolution eyes viewing it differently?

Either way, I love this song. It's a song of empowerment.

The 1966 version: