July 26th, 2009


Female Appreciation Month Day 13

I missed yesterday due to commitments so I will do two posts today.

First up - Skulker which OMG I see their album Too Fat For Tahiti came out in 2000. I love this album, it's for playing LOUD with your windows rolled down driving to the beach in the middle of summer.

Strawberry Deluxe was their big hit (on Triple J), here they play it live at Wollongong Uni Bar, 2003:

Other songs I love are Hej, Naughty and Newport Nightmare.

Hunting round Youtube for more Skulker, I found the Sundays! I love the Sundays, yes yes mostly cause of Wild Horses from Buffy cause *high pitch* Angel comes to Buffy's prom even though he broke up with her and was leaving to go to LA. *sniff*. This one is a Buffy/Angel songvid by ColdSideofThePillow.

But also Summertime



I've been watching the first Season of Mad Men this weekend. I'm not quite sure that I will be able to sit through the whole series. The sexism is pretty tough to watch. I mean it seems like it's kinda the point, along with the anti-semitism and the racism. Doesn't really make that kind of material any easier to, see I want to say "swallow" here.

No wonder the feminist movement happened, is kind of what keeps going through my mind.

In one scene, the new secretary goes to get the Pill from a "supportive" doctor. As in, he is going to prescribe it to her but first he must warn her that it's not for allowing her to become a "strumpet" and that if she misuses it, he will not hesitate to take it away for her. Way for being progressive there dude. Man, it's so easy to forget how far we *have* come, I guess, in that at least today you don't get the commentary or judgement from doctors, here in Australia, I will stress. Or at least, I would imagine, if you did, you could make a complaint about the doctor's behaviour? Not sure if anyone else has had different experiences? I know my gynaecologist and one of my GPs is always hassling me that if I don't have babies soon that's it for me, but that's not like I don't know that fact for myself. And I know that women have different experiences in terms of birthing and labour.

Which reminds me to comment on that UK doctor who thinks men should not be in the labour room because they are distracting and not able to cope. I'm sorta amused by the comment (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/606813.stm). I told my parents about it and my mother's comment was, "yes and how old was this man?". But the thing that amuses me is it's totally sexist but is so sexist it manages to offend men too. I mean, it took a long time to get men into birthing rooms in the first place and I think now, at least the men I've asked, men consider it their right to share in the experience both with their partner and for the joy of witnessing the first moments of their child's life. Men I have asked about it seem quite outraged that they should be excluded from the experience. And it annoys me that someone wants to undo such an enormous leap that we as a society have made in terms of what is "women's business" and what is "men's".

The thing that I really think is at the heart of this is that men in that situation may act as women's advocates in terms of enforcing the decisions that they wanted to make when they themselves may not be in the position to do so. This doctor referred to the "primal part of a women's brain" being required to be switched on during birth - I imagine if he had his way, men out of the room, women in a vulnerable position, he could just get on and make the decisions he wants to make.

The cool thing for me about this story was seeing how out of touch this man's opinion was with the current feeling and how special it was to the men I know that they were present at the births of their children. For all we get frustrated, it's nice to note the progress that has been made.

Horn Spotting

Jason Nahrung wrote a very lovely review of Horn in the Courier Mail this weekend gone.

Some quotes:

"Ball, a graduate of Brisbane's Clarion South writers workshop, shows a confident hand in dealing with his genre, apparently revelling in mixing death-defying magic with ballsy repartee and more mundane, moral concerns.
His villains are villainous indeed but the hobgoblins and deceptive fairies seem pale beside the human evil on parade in sleazy sex clubs and rain-slick alleys of the anonymous city.
The supportive cast is strong, deftly drawn in an efficient few strokes...

The novella, at 80 pages, is short and sharp, ably harnessing the mood and tropes of crime noir and inviting hope of further exploring Miriam's world and its supernatural underground."


Female Appreciation Month Day 13 post 2

Well, the afternoon needed a bit of chill out music so I turned to Norah Jones for some piano tinkling, jazzy crooning.

Listening to Norah Jones is another take-back-the-music deal for me. Norah Jones was a favourite of the ex's father's live in mistress (followed that?) and there was no way I was going to listen to the same music as her (long story, you saw the Soap Opera already) and I promptly dropped interest. Still, I was sad to deprive myself and I'm glad to have her back on my rotation.

Some mellow tunes for my mellow mood:

Don't Know Why

Come Away With Me (live and playing guitar instead)

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weekend that was

I think I managed to save the weekend by making a gluten-free pasta bake for dinner tonight that will have leftovers into the week. Yay for not having to think about lunch later on!

Today has been a day of much frustration. However, I have managed to get a contract off my desk, some laundry dried and put away and a food shop done for the week. I just pop round to the IGA just round the corner from here but cause it's also sort of the ex's local, I live in fear of bumping into him there - I never have once since we split but it always means I can't quite roll out bed and pop out for eggs and milk on a Sunday morning without brushing my hair. Cause you so know the one time I do that< I'll bump into him with her.

I'm still proofing A Book of Endings. I'm also cleaning out my wardrobe tonight in an attempt to do one thing of the long to do list so that I stop feeling like shit about even just one background thing. That's a fun exercise saying you'll never be *that* thin or *that* young again, toss it.

Yesterday was spent mostly in a Swancon meeting - another 5 hour one but we kinda covered the venue discussion so that was probably 5 hours well spent. After that, I popped into my parents as they had grabbed me black calico from Spotlight for me cause for some reason I never seem to make it out there these days. Yay for black calico so I can finish the hexagon quilt project. Whilst I was there, my dad made us all tea and we sat outside and drank it. Yeah, I thought it was cold. My dad made the tea so strong, I cannot describe except to say that I didn't sleep last night and didn't twig till I hit the 3am "why am I so wide awake oooooh did I have coffee past 4pm?" realisation. I also saw 5am, got up at 9am and still don't yet feel tired. I think that means I'm still wired.

That's my weekend - Swancon, Mad Men, proofing.