July 27th, 2009



What will fix this feeling is getting the Swancon 36 venue quote.

That's the starting point, right? Right?


what's it all for anyway?

Had a really tough counselling session tonight, just cause it was confronting and I didn't realise how diffusely angry I was. But it's left me with a lot to think about, dissect and process.

In the meantime I've been thinking of making a list of all the things I am glad I have seen or done, and that kinda make this thing here called Life, worth having done.

Puppy dogs
Oral sex
Sunrise at the top of Mt Katherine
Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
Tel Aviv
Meeting and being with kin and kindred spirits
Full moons
Books that make you cry/make you read them till 5am
Laughing so hard you can't catch your breath
Executing the perfect pirouette
Slow, warm, wet kisses
Lying in the sun on a lazy afternoon watching clouds roll by
Shakespeare in the park
Pretty shoes
Reading a story that unveils a new idea or perspective
Successfully completing something you set out to do - climbing a mountain or solving an equation
Singing on the top of your voice
Broadway (street and musicals)
Broken hearts
Unexpected surprises
Best friends
Silly movies and serious documentaries
Confessed secrets


Female Appreciation Month Day 14

Yeah so listened to a couple of K D Lang albums today and I'm not sure they meshed well with my mood and where my head is at. Still, I admire K D Lang for her unapologetic and frank presentation of who she is. And she has an awesome and very sexy voice.

Constant Craving:

What's New Pussycat

There is almost nothing sexier to me than this song and the base, so together with K D Lang? Mamma Mia!


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Funny dog

Benji makes me laugh so hard sometimes. Last night he made much fuss to be urgently let out of the bedroom and I thought he was busting for the toilet. He raced out of the room like a bat out of hell. To go and steal a sock from the laundry basket.

Just now, he leaned back and rested on my laptop and typed this, I swear, into my twitter account, which was open:

which is kinda funny cause he gives me the wrap up to go to bed, from about 11.30 pm and absolutely will not abide lights not being out by 12.30am. No other male, ever, has successfully made me go to bed earlier than I wanted to.