July 29th, 2009


Female Appreciation Month Announcement

From pharaoh_katt:

OK! Now, I have a small announcement with regards to Female Appreciation Month. When the month first started, it was just girliejones and I. Today is day 15. I thought, yeah, that's cool. By day 15 we should have, max, 30 posts. And then other people joined in. And more, and more, and more, until it started spinning out of control into a realm of awesome never before imagined.
Before posting this, I caught up on my Memory adding of all the LJ posts. When I say "caught up", I should mention that this only means I hadn't added any posts today. In one day, enough posts were made that I needed to catch up with the memory adding.
And you know what? This post is number 102. That's right, folks,


I thought this was important news, and well worth sharing. Enjoy the laughs everyone! I think today's submissions (I don't mean mine) were an extra level of awesome, and I keep going back and listening to them again. Yay!

--- end announcement ---

I like the way she put that - spinning out of control into a realm of awesome. That's really nice, and actually kind of how this feels. I was so outraged when we started out on this journey but now that I'm here, half-way in, I feel like I am in the middle of a huge celebration. There's this hubbub of excited and friendly faces and this huge linkfest of great tunes to make you happy or soulful or somewhere in between. A place where women are not invisible but admired and respected and appreciated.

And somewhere in all this I feel like I made a new friend in pharaoh_katt - and friends are the biggest and best gift I think the universe can bestow. And I think we discovered we make a good partnership and we'll have more to say on that at the end of Female Appreciation Month!

Bring on more awesomely fantastic music! I'm loving this so much!


A Book of Endings: The end

Late last night I finished the final final proofing of A Book of Endings. I had this funny feeling that the CIP data, which we were waiting on, would come in today and I didn't want to be holding up the book when it did come through. And it did indeed come through this morning.

Yesterday I organised payment for the printing bill and selected the print run and all that stuff.

And so the book will probably go to press in the next day or two.

We've been working on this book for about 18 months and I still remember reading for the first time some of the stories - I took this project with me to Israel and Turkey so a lot of the stories have memories of that trip wrapped up in them.

So I was skimming the book last night and picking up any last, stand out errors - I hate that even though it's a skim, and it's like the 16th proof, you still come up with a few things. If you didn't, it would make the task redundant. Instead you get this validation for the paranoia or something.

Anyway, even with a damn skim read, I still came out reinterpreting one of the stories. I've read this book, I dunno, 9 or 10 times fully through, some stories I've read more than that? And it just blows me away how she does that. At first, and really it wasn't till last night that I got it, I thought that it was me. That she is so much smarter than me that I just don't get it. But actually, last night I realised, as Justine says in the introduction, one of Biancotti's talents is the way she manages to write so multifacetedly. That each time you read the same work, you come out with a different meaning or reading of it. And I realised last night, that's not a shortcoming in me. It's her skill of writing and hiding so many different nuances and messages. Each time you can only stand and view the scene from one spot. Next time you come back and stand in a different spot and the whole thing looks different. Blew me away to have that happen on like the 9th reading of one story.

That, and she really is a lot smarter than me :)

Female Appreciation Month Day 16

Queen Latifah - I think she is the Bomb!!!


You gotta let em know
You ain't a bitch or a hoe

Queen Latifah and Donna Summer - Bad Girls

I'm Not in Love:

Georgia Rose (with Stevie Wonder):

Come into My House:

Cue the Rain

Brandy featuring Mc Lyte, YoYo and Queen Latifah - I Wanna be Down:

A bit of a bonus, Alicia Keys with Queen Latifa and Kathleen Battle - Superwoman

It was a cape, not an apron