August 1st, 2009


Let's take it slow

Apparently its August. Who authorised that?

Cautious testing seems to indicate that my headache is less today. I'm not going to push it. I'm going to go out for brunch or some such and not hang out in front of the computer all day today (yet).

I've been thinking a lot about petermball's 80 point plan in the pursuit of awesomeness. I kinda want one of my own. But you can't pull that out of thin air, you kinda have to really ponder that which you think will bring yourself said feelins ie what you want to achieve. I'm moving towards writing a list for myself. But in the mean time, I thought I would document, for future comparisons, areas of my life that offer me background stress and prevent my achieving awesomeness.

My main stash and to read queue area. I say main because it is not the only. I have another major to read queue in my bedroom as the bedhead has one long bookshelf. Anyway, this bookcase basically represents Potential. Potential projects I want to do and books I want to read. The books are at least double stacked and the number seem to only grow in size.

This would be my working space for Twelfth Planet Press admin mostly. I don't edit or publish from here. Note the huge pile of unreconciled and unfiled bills and invoices *under* the keyboard.

And finally, the ASif! review copy racks. This is actually in pretty good shape. We've got some reviewers on the team at the moment who are really eating through the review pile. Course the pile still exists so if you're interested in becoming a reviewer, drop me a line.


Female Appreciation Month Catch up

Sorry! I've been amiss. Here's hopefully a round up.

kaelajael appreciates Bette Midler
stephendedman appreciates Indigo Girls, Tracey Chapman, Joan Baez, Maddy Prior, Janis Ian, Marianne Faithfull and Jane Siberry

Featured on Boing Boing

martinlivings appreciated Kate Bush

From Feministing: Stephanie from the mosh pit gets pulled up on stage to help Green Day out with Jesus in Suburbia and proves that, well, girls can play rock as hard as any. She kinda does know her way round the guitar and the song.

Ste-pha-nie! Ste-pha-nie! Ste-pha-nie! Ste-pha-nie! Ste-pha-nie! Ste-pha-nie!

jumbledwritings continues her female appreciation with 30 Books
narrelle appreciates female artisans
pharaoh_katt appreciates Evanescene and Lacuna Coil
catundra appreciates Billie Myers and Macy Gray
benpayne appreciates Kate Miller-Heidke
vodkandlime also appreciates Kate Miller-Heidke - Are You F*cking Kidding Me? (Facebook Song)
punktortoise appreciates a whole array of female artists in a veritable smorgasboard of vids!

Hope I didn't miss any?


Female Appreciation Month Day 19

This is the song for me today. I had a good day!

Florence and the Machine - Dog Days (acoustic)

Check out the official version of the song here

The dark days are over
The dark days are gone
The horses are coming
So you'd better run

Run fast for your mother
Run fast for your father
Run for your children
For you sisters and your brothers
Leave all your loving, your longing behind
You can't carry it with you if you want to survive

The dark days are over
The dark days are gone
Can you hear the horses
Cause here they come!


Female Appreciation Month Day 19 part 2

kaelajael sent me into a Bette Midler Youtube fest. Feeling some ballads comin' on.

One of my favourites - From a Distance - it always reminds me about perspective!

From a distance
we all have enough
and noone is in need

And there are no guns, no bombs and no disease
no hungry mouths to feed
From a distance
we are instruments
marching in our common band
Playing songs of hope
playing songs of peace
They're the songs of every man

Gpd is watching us from a distance

And I gotta confess, I do kinda sing this song a bit as my life mantra - The Glory of Love

You gotta give a little
Take a little
Let your poor heart break a little
That's the story of love

My favourite Beatles song - In My life - she gives this an unbelievable performance here:

And, you know, you can't go beyond Wind Beneath my Wings, a song I always think of kathrynlinge when I hear it cause she so often lets me be loud and boisterous and suck up all the air in the room and ... I'd be nothing without her. And yeah, she's my hero!

I want you to know,
I know the truth.
Of course I know it,
I would be nothing without you.

Also: I think it's Going to Rain Today

Yeah and um, Otto Titsling:


Female Appreciation Month Day 19 part 3

I wanted to include Celine Dion because I admire her for the woman she is and for what she has achieved in her life. Regardless of whether I'm all that into her music.

I searched around on Youtube, checking out if there was something in French I wanted to use. My all time favourite Celine Dion song is Because You Loved Me, from the movie Up Close and Personal which I love. But listening to it, I just ... it's the old me and my old views towards love and now, I kinda think the theme song to Titanic is a better fit with the sentiment, we had that awesome night of love and passion, but you know dude, the heart goes on.

I think it's more liberated and empowered. Here she performs it live:


Female Appreciation Month Day 20 part 2

The only people to follow Divas are BIGGER divas!

Judy Garland - I am a huge Judy Garland from way back. I've seen all her movies. So so many choices to go with.

Over the Rainbow

In the above shot, they've taped down her breasts to make her appear younger than she was - Shirley Temple was supposed to have this role but moved film companies in a trade related to Gone With The Wind. And they had her on broth and diet pills to make her lose weight and uppers and downers to help her sleep and get up and work. Such a poignant song with such a clear, beautiful voice and the beginnings of the screwing up of a person.

The Trolley Song! from the movie Meet Me in St Louis

clang ,clang, clang went the trolley
Ding, ding, ding went the bell
Zing, zing, zing went my heartstrings as we started for Huntington Dell.
Chug, chug, chug went the motor

How can you resist those big soulful eyes?

Get Happy (Summer Stock) - 1950

I can't find anything right now to back this up, but I remember reading that this costume - tuxedo jacket, black fedora, and black nylons - was very risque for the time, a woman sexing up what is a very traditionally masculine appearance and that this was the first time a woman did so in an mainstream film.

It's become iconic in any case.

Liza Minelli - it seems hard to separate these two larger than life, big voices.


Mein Herr - costuming is very reminiscent of Garland's Get Happy

All that Jazz (1981)

New York, New York


lady luck met serendipity and showered me with love

OK, I've put down the Youtube and stepped away. Aww got a cute puppy curled up next to me on a pillow (which is forbidden but tooo cute!)

I had a really unexpected and good day today.

I was supposed to meet up with pharaoh_katt today but we've postponed that to next weekend when my brain should hopefully be better engaged. I cancelled my afternoon appointment and then spent the day as I willed it, in the next moment. How unusual and unlike me. No plan.

Since the headache had abated some, I decided to remove the online temptation so after mooching in bed for a bit, I went to my fave local cafe and had brunch and started reading Breaking Dawn (I have given up on book 3, it made me stop wanting to read novels altogether). I didn't get much read before I turned to my blank pages and started thinking about what my list for awesomeness would look like. And 9 pages of drafted thoughts later, I have a skeleton of my Road to Awesomeness - my goals I guess for now till Aug 1 2010. Kind of scary. Especially since things like launch Swancon etc are on there.

After sort of finally dealing with ... what do I want ... questions, I popped into the specialist wine cellar next door and finally bought my brother in law his bday present. Then I went to visit my parents before hopping up to Karrinyup for coffee and shopping with lyzbeth and catundra. Since I can't do fine scale eye work at the moment, I seem to have turned my energy towards errand running. I got my Dad's bday present, picked up my shoes from the repairshop, 6 months after I left them there and got a bunch of stationery and a book called Sorted! which promises to make me a better person through being more organised. We'll see. I also got myself some slippers, finally removing the walking on cold tiles in the middle of the night and thinking "I should get slippers" loop from my life.

When I arrived, K and L gave me a present! So nice! They'd bought me scented candles to send me on daydream trips to Paris and Seville while I'm relaxing in the bath. Catching up over coffee was lots of fun. As was the enabling that occurred in the stationery shop later. I have the right post it notes and day calendars and things now - essential to planning and executing the plan for the Road to Awesome.

My big news is - this morning I popped past the post office and cleared my mail and found a letter from CAL to tell me they were awarding me a professional development grant which I had applied for for travel to Continuum and Conflux. I feel a bit in shock I think - I've never ever been successful with grants before. And I am kinda chuffed.