August 2nd, 2009


Getting Sorted

So apart from going to the WASFF meeting today, I've spent my day kinda reading "Sorted!" and kinda procrastinating on starting getting sorted. I did do a bit of filing and sorting of invoices for TPP but that was by the by.

I need to type up my plan, and make the goals "SMART" ones (you know, specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and timed). Once upon a time I did this monthly, used a red pen to tick off done items and earned rewards on completion of 70% at the end of the month. I would set something that i really wanted but wouldn't just buy on account of guilt - like something treat-esque from the Body Shop or whatever. So I think I could go back to that kind of a system.

But part of what's on that Road to Awesome list are some really big things like organise and get on top of my house, my finances, read more, do more craft. And I'm kinda struggling with these. Working through this book, I can see how slowly I could get on top of my space at home, get things organised, have systems in place to pay bills on time, get my taxes done quickly and painlessly etc etc. Essentially, I am actually quite an organised person, I just get paralysed by change I guess? So my archives are pretty fine and sorted and labelled in the filing cabinet. They just need to be culled a bit. And I need to *do* the filing. That kind of thing.

So, I guess I am sort of cajoled into looking at culling my book collection and CDs and videos (do I actually need these at all?). I'll see how I go at culling books I haven't read. But I can see how once I start on these things and see results, I will get into it. I used to do this stuff all the time. And I would like less clutter, less junk to move next time, all my clothes that I wear accessible and clean and not creased and be in a functional space that just ... works.

But the bit that I don't think all the above stuff is going to help me with, beyond freeing up some time spent looking for things or duplicating things etc, is time management and balance. And catch up. I pretty much work two day jobs every day - I go to my actual day job and then when I come home, I do another working day on TPP. Sometimes I work 16 or 17 hour days. TPP just needs that much time now. So the thing that is sliding is - other - you know, reading, which I really want to both have time and headspace for, crafting, catching up on film and TV. How do you catch up and get sorted on that sort of stuff? Anyone had this problem and figured out how to find balance?

As a starting point, I'm working through my CD collection tonight. I'm digitising it - wow, this is so much quicker than the last time I attempted and gave up cause an hour each CD just didn't seem worth the effort. I've done 6 in like the last 15 mins. Everyone says of this task, do a bit each day and it gets done. So I'm going to actually try and stick to this and see how I go. My new job might be back in the city and I NEED an ipod that's full of entertainment. My ipod right now mostly has a huge backlog of podcasts that I only ever catch up on when travelling. This will be rectified!

I'm also going to put all the CDs back in the right cases and file all of the collection by genre - not that either of these are important once the whole thing is digital but anyway.

I should do something else tonight but I'll see how I go.


sorting out - still

The other tip I am instating straight away is - culling one item from my house/life everyday will equate to 365 items at the end of the year. That seems both doable and a good achievement.

So I get to start that as of yesterday because I did a start of the wardrobe cull. Today I have found a DVD series I borrowed that I will return unwatched (I didn't get into it) and a CD that I think is my Mum's that I can also return.

This is starting to feel good! I used to like feeling on top of things and not drowning by things that I have failed to juggle. I don't think I can even remember what it feels like to find things in their place, clear table tops, music on my ipod! I could get addicted to this!

And thanks to cassiphone for the great idea for my BALANCE objective! Two options to trial and as soon as I figure out which two nights this week I am going to take off, I'll do it! Maybe one to read and one to watch a film I've not had a chance to watch yet (and craft during).