August 3rd, 2009


round the coffee machine

Me recounting my somewhat eventful weekend even though my intent was to lay low:

G: Wow. Your life has so much more conflict in it than mine
(G came to get some water and hung around to listen to me somewhat ranting)
G: Don't you think, A?
A: nods
GJ: What are you saying?! That I'm the opposite of conflict averse?
(I hadn't had my coffee yet)
G: Mostly that you get out more.

*shakes head*

My mother always says: You won't meet people on the way between your bathroom and bedroom (though I once lived in a shared house that you actually did. At like 2am.). But ... I bet it's a lot more quiet.



There's this job I've been waiting to apply for - it's kinda the one I want.

Anyway, the ad has been texted, emailed and told to me in person by more than 10 different people. It seems I am destined to know about it :)

I want to get my application in before I go to Melbourne. And now that the oddds seem "likely" that we will have A Book of Endings to actually launch and sell there, I can move onto such exciting things as selection criteria. (No, I didn't panic. Much).



So I took an antihistamine for my hands the other night and they did indeed improve. This lead me to believe it was an allergy and not OCD I wasn't noticing. And then I tried out the Hemp hand cream from catundra and lyzbeth and that seemed to do the trick. The hands are back to almost a semblance of normal.

Anyway, as a side issue, I thought I was a bit dehydrated last week which helped to confound the headaches. Talking about it with my yoga teacher on Thursday she suggested drinking more rooibos tea. Why not? I thought. I drink it with her as a social thing and its quite nice. It feels like you're drinking a "proper" beverage but it's totally caffeine free. Win win. And then I started drinking a couple of cups a day.

Yesterday and today I've kinda been feeling ... good. Like I've lost a bit of weight, my waist seems thinner, my stomach seems flat. Like I haven't been overdoing the gluten/lactose. And it feels odd to feel quite good. I've been sleeping not too badly as well. But I haven't particularly been cutting back on gluten. Then I was reminded I'm drinking this tea ... could that be it? A quick google and I find this:

Rooibos has anti-carcinogenic and antimutagenic effects. Rooibos tea is used for its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. Consumption of rooibos tea may relief fever, asthma, insomnia, colic in infants and skin disorders. Rooibos extracts are used in ointments against eczema. In South Africa it is very common to give rooibos tea to babies who suffer from stomach cramps (colics).

Yeah so, hands are better and my guts feel good. Check out the self medication!


I think I might be a luddite.

I only just discovered ABC's iView.
I have only just started uploading my CDs onto iTunes.
I never use my Foxtel Free movies cause I don't know how to order them.
I have no idea what Bigpond Entertainment is and if I want it.
I don't know what my monthly download allowance is for my internet.
I don't really use my ipod.
My home desktop is about 5 years old and I only use it to connect to the internet for my wireless. And it's so old, it has to be physically connected to the modem.
I don't know how much memory I have on my laptop.
My mobile doesn't have a camera in it and I don't want one that does. It can't check email or twitter either.

My brother in law somehow has his TV wirelessly connected to his laptop which has any movie he ever wants to watch on it and he uses his remote to navigate all of this. This kinda makes my head explode.



So I threw something out of my house today. I returned two borrowed items. I delivered my Dad's bday present (his bday today) and my brother in law's present (his was two weeks ago). I spent one hour reading - read Peter Ball's story in Strange Horizons - so beautiful - and also some stories from New Space Opera II. And I digitised another 30 or 40 CDs.

And now that I feel accomplished, I am logging off to watch an episode of Mad Men before bed - and might get to bed an hour early! Woo hoo!