August 4th, 2009


Female Appreciation Month

FAM spread far and wide. This morning my friend G at work comes up to me and announces that he made a 51 song playlist of his all time hottest female artists "to correct the balance". Actually, he didn't need to correct the balance on account of his general appreciation of female artists anyway. And he was looking to burn it for me, but then realised that a CD doesn't hold 51 songs.

Life is good. And my world is filled with awesome people.




Today is not going so well. Preparations for Continuum 5 are not going well. Pretty much the word associated for me for the con is - no. No you can't have that. I just went to book my own room since I have a grant that covers accomodation and guess what? No, no you can't have that.

I'm having trouble lining up a venue for Deb's launch. I think she deserves something classy and in the cocktail hour. But that's proving problematic - though planeterry has come through with some extra options.

Also, I've just executed a 180 degree turn whilst travelling at 100 km/hr in the TPP publishing schedule vehicle. And I might have whiplash. Luckily I have seen The Bodyguard and used the handbrake.

Stay tuned, though I need a lie down.



capnoblivious - remember that job that I said was on my desk and I was just never gonna do it? The one you said: Jones, Just Do it!! Well my line manager just laughed at me and said, "Meh, just rub it off the board!" (The board tracks our workload). The task has sort of become redundant.

And alas, that is the wrong kind of karma for procrastinators!!


All hands on deck! Brace for impact!

Yes, well. Interesting day. More details when the embargo has lifted. I, meanwhile, am editing like a madwoman.

In other news, that tea freaking rocks! I feel like I am operating on a whole new platform, like a got an upgrade overnight or something. Productivity at day job was exceedingly high today. And I went to the gym and practiced yoga by myself.

I have decided to ask (on recommendation from my boss) for a contract extension to take as holiday rather than get paid out at the end of my contract. This means I have a contract till the last week in October *and* I get 3 weeks leave, as long as I negotiate next contract to align. And it gives me 3 extra weeks to job hunt. My concern was how this relates to taking time at xmas but ... since I am not looking within my current Dept, it is kinda irrelevant. Looks like I might have earned enough annual leave to roll into the xmas public holidays anyway. Hopefully. If all goes according to plan.

Today I have digitised not as many CDs but the project continues. I have emailed an old friend. And culled 4 CDs from the collection, possibly 5.

And amusingly, it looks like my hand allergy is to the Enjo ("we don't use chemicals") kitchen handwash.