August 9th, 2009


Yesterday's post

So, after spending these few weeks getting riled up about feminist issues and watching a hell of a lot of Mad Men episodes in a really short period of time, the absolutely worst book to take to read whilst getting my hair done this morning? Breaking Dawn. Yeah. Though, it is helping with the skim reading it - Collapse ) Ugh.

At least I was wearing my And then Buffy Staked Edward shirt. To counterbalance the ickness.

Finally took in a copy of Horn for them though since they've been asking about it for months after watching me line edit it there one Saturday. Wonder if they'll ask me to not come back anymore? :)

And I am now the owner of a Labelmaker. *sits back and waits for awesomeness to descend* What? I have to open the box?

I've been thinking a lot about white noise background stress. And I realised that when I was with the ex he sorted a lot of that stuff - went to the bank or the post office for me, paid the bills, dealt with *stuff*. And it reminds me of a quote from Mad Men - the hardest thing (about divorce) is realising you're in charge. And I think in a lot of ways there's just all this stuff that I have to realise I am in charge about and just sort.

So in that vein, I finally went and bought a four outlet power board for my bedroom so that all my appliances (TV, DVD, laptop etc) can be plugged in at the same time and I can also remove the double adapters which stuck out so that I couldn't open the bureau drawer. And now I can use the damn drawer for clothes.

I also finally made the switch to sorbelene handwash and got myself some small hand cream tubes for my hand bag. And got the stickers etc for TPP mail.

All small, minor steps but each one removing a tiny niggling contribution to my white noise background stress.


Sunday morning musing

Finally have livejournal posting back! Yay.

Tansy went into labour yesterday and aifin tweeted us the progress. How up to date with the technology is that?! A beautiful bubby girl was born before I went to bed last night. I'm looking forward to meeting her at the end of this year and will get a package of bubby socks bundled off in the mail tomorrow.

Yesterday I went into the city to meet up with pharaoh_katt and a friend for coffee. Many plans were made and a new project formed. And I had such a lovely time hanging out with them both and am looking forward to um ... yes. Big things :)

Last night I broke out the labelmaker and labelled my CD collection. It feels very organised. And then I moved the CD tower which ... let's skip over the fails in that ... and then I started refiling all my CDs in labelled genres. I've mostly defaulted to the itunes genre as they were ripped but am sure that will bounce around as I refile CDS back where I thought they went :) And I'm not having categories like "folk" and "gospel" and "easy listening"!!

So that's starting to feel a little bit like progress. My living room is a bit rearranged and looks more pleasing to the eye and a mess is kinda cleaned up and organised. AND I should have an awesome selection of music to chill out to on Friday when I fly out to Melbourne. Next I guess I will resubscribe to some podcasts for listening for the trip too. I'm not really looking forward to the flight after Adelaide, which I felt was too long. And that was what? Half the journey? :(

I also managed to get the book due for October release out to layout last night, editormum has laid it out already and it's off at proofing. Quite odd :)

Today my parents are starting a new tradition of Curry Sunday. They have been talking about it for weeks and even phoned last night with an update (it's all vegetarian except for the one meat dish). So that is where the middle of my day will be spent. I'm sure I have much else to do. Should go check out what else I can label.


There's nothing like doing research to make you feel underread.

In my quest for knowledge tonight and this morning, I seem to have acquired a very long Must Read reading list.

On the upside, I've discovered much of these are novellas - which are far less scary :)


Tell me stuff!

I have an evening of work ahead of me. I've been discovering a ton of famous books I want to read are considered novellas. And I think I don't know anything at all, actually, about romance.


Tell me your favourite novella or
Your worst dating/hook up experience or
How you got together with your honey

Underread romantic diehards want to know!


Female Appreciation Month Day 27

No lj posting ability yesterday means no Day 26 from me. But pharaoh_katt and I are working on something beyond FAM that hopefully will make up for that.

I have a pile of CDs here and only 3 days left after today.

But today I shall appreciate Jewel, a true poet with a soulful voice.

You Were Meant For Me

Who Will Save Your Soul

And also Meredith Brooks. This song saw me through a rough adolescence of being different.


I'm a Bitch, I'm a lover
I'm a child, I'm a mother
I'm a sinner, I'm a saint
I do not feel ashamed
I'm your hell, I'm your dream
I'm nothing in between
You know you wouldn't want it any other way
So take me as I am
This may mean you have to be a stronger man