August 10th, 2009


*shakes head*

I ate peanuts tonight.

I don't even really know how that happened. I haven't eaten peanuts in 10 years. I'm extremely diligent about not eating peanuts. I always ask for ingredients, every time something that could remotely possibly contain peanuts, and if it's not clear there are definitely not peanuts, I don't eat it. I do this subconsciously now. I do it ALL the time.

I ate peanuts tonight.

And yes. Peanuts still = pain worse than death. OMG. And I always think I don't deserve painkillers for something stupid and self inflicted. But eventually I did take some cause I thought I was gonna die. And maybe they're starting to wear off again cause I'm starting to feel it again.

For some reason, peanuts and macademia nuts agitate my Crohn's disease. Which is why I avoid them.

I still have no idea how I came to eat peanuts tonight. It's weird.


Promotion of Female Voices

About halfway into FAM I realised that the experience was becoming an extremely positive one for me. And that actually I didn't want to get to the end of the month and that be the end of this. Rather, I felt like I wanted it to have meant something, to have inspired something, to have kicked off into something else. I wanted to take the momentum and *do something with it*.

I direct messaged pharaoh_katt (cause that's what the peeps do these days) and in 140 characters told her as much and asked her if she thought that was weird. And she replied that the only thing weird about it was that she had been thinking the same thing too. Some might call that weird, some might call it serendipity.

So we started talking back and forth and we decided that we wanted to do something to promote female bands and acts. We wanted to do some kind of guerilla radio station (too much Pump Up the Volume out my way). pharaoh_katt looked into getting a licence and a bunch of other offical paper type things and we ended up with this.

We decided to form a not-for-profit organisation. An organisation that would focus on promoting and supporting female voice. It's an idea that we see as broad with the intention of growing and evolving over time. And we are going to start with a regular podcast as our first project.

There will be more details as we finish formalising the whole deal but we are really excited that Naomi Eve, the woman behind the Hottest100Women project and vodkandlime and thelordmortis and fauxnoc have agreed to come on board and help us found the organisation.

It's called: The Association for the Promotion of Feminist Voices, Inc.

Our objects for the Association are:

To promote female voices in the arts
To promote a positive feminist discourse
To support like-minded organisations
To create a supportive network for like-minded feminists

And we're pretty excited about the whole thing.

We would love to hear what you think. Suggestions and inputs are welcome and appreciated. We'll be open to memberships in a little while. Stay tuned for our website launch and the first episode of our podcast.

My life is just like the internet

You know that email - I'm sure you got it - the one that has:

"Kids" and there's this picture of two kids who've seen the generous portion of a can of paint


"or Dog?" and there's this couch that has been utterly mauled and is but a frame and some vague remnants of stuffing?

Yeah well, my house looked like the latter picture today. My study seems to have provided much amusement. As did all the ironed clothes that were hanging in the spare room.

And now he's running around with items that he knocked off my desk as though it's a hilarous game.