August 11th, 2009


Organisational tools

So I have my roadmap, sort of. I'm still fine tuning it. But I'm looking for a software tool to micromanage my life. I got a lotta balls I want to be juggling at the one time. I'm wondering what good software tools for project management are out there and which ones are useful and which ones to avoid.

I need something that will remind me of stuff I am supposed to be doing. But also can keep track of longish projects (like say, Natcon :) ) The only thing I've used is google calendar and I don't find it reliable for reminding me on regular scheduling stuff (I might just not be using it right). I switch computers a lot - macbook at home mostly, and a PC at work.



I'm GJ and I have a peanut allergy

For some reason, even though I do say I am allergic to peanuts, in this escapade I felt uncomfortable saying so - is extreme abdominal pain and nausea an allergy or an intolerance?

But last night I got hives, the worst I've had in years. I was up till about 3am when the antihistamine finally kicked in. This morning I'm still itchy and I have a really sore throat. Pretty sure I'm cool with identifying that as an allergy now. And will hope to remain diligent on this once again.

The culprit was an eggplant dip. Didn't occur to me anyone would add peanuts to that and on checking after the deed, no ingredients were listed on the label. I'm going to complain to the deli dept cause I'm sure you have to declare peanuts these days. I live alone. It's just as well this is my reaction and not something far far worse.

I have some health related goals on my awesome list and I was looking at it last night wondering why I thought a detox was necessary. I wonder maybe if it would be.

Got up, called in sick, called to order catering for Deb's launch on Saturday, went to the post office and picked up the proof for A Book of Endings. I am gonna proof it, and hopefully ok the printing (please do not ask) and then go back to sleep.


drowsied my way through today

I was so sleepy today but every time I lay down to nap, my mother called me.

Instead I okayed the proof for A Book of Endings, and the printer promises me that the books will arrive at the hotel on Friday. I also sorted the catering for the launch. And editormum has done up a lovely flyer.

I lay in bed and read Breakfast at Tiffany's whilst drinking tea out of my BaT mug. Seemed appropriate. Reading Capote, getting lost in it, made me feel better about rejecting all the slush I read last night.

And I fiddled with my Awesome spreadsheet. strangedave sent me to the 43 Folders website and I spent quite a while reading about how to write to do lists - not stuff I hadn't read or tried before, but it got me enthused to attack the bits on the spreadsheet that weren't working. I feel like I want to get stuck into my list - it's ridiculously long - rather than spend too much time finding the right management tool and working from the ground up learning it. So I'm just slowly adding things into google calendar and will trial that for a bit.

The first thing that I'm instituting is a 15 min daily quick clean up of clutter in my hallway which no matter how hard I try, I cannot train myself not to drop everything there on the way into the house. Instant reward tonight was discovering my visa payment was due today. So ... this would be the beginnings of the promised monetary savings from being more organised, I like it.

The bit catundra really wants me to do is the bit relating to Swancon. That's the bit I am completely ignoring. That can't be good.


overcoming my luddite ways

So I wrote that list the other day on all the ways I am behind on the technology. And I was a bit embarrassed by some of them, to tell the truth. I've been working on remedying this.

So the Music/Itunes is nearly rectified. I'm not used to using my ipod so that will be the next step - getting used to keeping it charged and keeping on top of the podcasts etc. Still, progress. And the bonus was sorting my CD collection as well.

It turns out that the way to use things better is to find out how they work. Who knew? :P So I have now registered online for a Foxtel account which turns out allows you to order your Box Office movies online. Yay. So when I get back from Melb I will start actually using my free movies per month. And the bonus here is that that ties into my goal to catch up on a bunch of films that I'm behind on.

Kinda liking this whole ... getting sorted thing.