August 13th, 2009


So it won't be today then

I got into a funny discussion yesterday with some folks who don't think that there's anything really wrong much with the ways of SF publishing. The interesting conclusion of the discussion was that they didn't think that the lack of diversity in SF today is the fault of editors. I wasn't really sure what to do with that.

And then I came across this really interesting article on being an editor - on what the job entails, and what you should be doing when compiling an anthology.

I always thought that the really cool bit about being an editor was finding new talent, being on the cusp of new ideas and movements and sending cool things out into the world. It never occurred to me that for some it actually just involves sitting back and seeing what make its way to come and find them. (Though I do know of editors who work this way)

Someone asked me yesterday if what I was saying was that SF publishing was actively racist and sexist. I don't think that's true and I don't think I've ever said that I thought that. But ... it does seem somewhat amusing to me that for a genre about the future, parts of the fandom seem to cling so steadfastly to the past. To the way things have always been done.


yeah, so

I think I'm packed, except for my toothbrush.

Had a last minute panic because *sigh* the books are getting couriered to the hotel cause I cut it too fine and I realised that unless my name was on the room, reception wouldn't sign for them. Called the hotel, I think I got it sorted. If I didn't get it sorted, and this journal lies dormant it's cause deborah_b killed me. I leave Benji to my Mum and TPP to Tehani.

When I said I had puppy proofed the house? Benji says Ha!

And Virgin have sent me two emails today informing me that the chicken wraps on the flights (either to or from Adelaide) for Natcon had listeria. I don't want to know this getting on a plane tomorrow!

Off to yoga and a massage.

All I have left is to finalise the agenda for the ASif! editors meeting and update my ipod. I think.


Life is about the journey

Yoga was awesome tonight. It was a really good class and I made progress on shoulder stands and worked on my lotus. I had a massage afterwards - L_ loves giving them then cause she says her energy is high. It's also good for me because my body is warm and worked and relaxed. I think the massage is deeper but also I am more relaxed, almost meditative by that point. Last time when she touched my feet to work on them, I got suddenly filled with an image of pink rose petals. So this time I was all concentrating really hard at being relaxed and ... nothing, nothing, nothing. But then just as she was finishing, massaging my head, an image popped into my head of an oyster shell opening to reveal a pearl.

Then, she left to get tea and when she came back she said that the boys inside wanted to know if I would come in and eat some of their vegetarian pizza. Which I thought was odd and then she mentioned, "They want to meet the girl who edited the unicorn book."


Now this book gets me random invites by boys who want to meet me cause I edited it?

L_ grabbed a bunch of TPP books a while ago cause she wanted to see what it is that I spend so much time doing, wanted to know who I am. And it seems her housemate grabbed Horn the other day and has started reading it - he hasn't gotten to The Scene yet though. So we're sitting there eating dinner and of course conversation would then lead to Catherine the Great and um, you know, the horse shagging. And I discovered that I totally had her death all mixed up. L_ was explaining to the guys that when horses are near climax, they fall over and so people shagging them by straddling under them would get crushed. And I'm like ... ooooh. Cause see sometimes I totally get things back to front. And she says, "What did you think? ...pause ... oooh you thought it was like the unicorn sex?" Which of course turned the conversation back to The Scene and I am sure the guys got up after I left to flick through the book and find it.

Life so is about the journey. Heh.