August 20th, 2009


random news and update

I bought two new books this week for my beyond Swancon 36/Natcon 50 publishing schedule. Clearly I had a line and I think my nose is just over it. Because even I think I now have enough on my plate. I officially have enough projects to keep me out of mischief. I believe rachelholkner has noted that somewhere for future reference. Course, once Roadkill/Siren Beat goes to the printers ... that makes me one project down, yeah?

I am quite excited to have joined my very first Quilting Bee. We're a virtual group so it's being coordinated on the net and my first package came in the mail today! We each get a month in which we send to everyone else a portion of our chosen fabric and each person makes one patchwork block with your material and sends it back to you at the end of the month. My month isn't till late next year but we start next month and I got a very cushy envelope in the mail this morning! Am very excited.

I posted off my last remaining copy of A Book of Endings this morning to one extremely bored maelkann who is bobbing out there on a ship in the sea somewhere yonder. Hopefully the rest of the book order will arrive today. Got orders to fill!

Last night I popped into Planet Books and the lovely Mr robinpen assisted me in finding The City and The City and Let The Right One In. I'm pretty sure my uncle has a copy of the latter but I grabbed my own anyway. I don't often buy books anymore. I am soooo behind on reading so the fact that I did had me pondering what makes me actually go and buy a book? And with the Mieville it was like ... enough! I do not need one more person to recommend this book to me! I'll get it, already! And the Lindqvist seems to be getting solid and steady, glowing reviews. tallaudrey reviewed it on ASif! aggggges ago and I thought I'd eventually like to get there but it's been steadily being recced too. Cause the whole time, I'm like *who* reads ASif!? Does anyone actually take notice of reviews? And then I realised that actually, I *only* buy books on reviews and word of mouth. *slaps forehead*

Met up with Swancon 2010 and vodkandlime and strangedave for coffee last night (I had hot chocolate). Was a really good chat and reminded me how much I love being a part of this community. So many people know so many things and are willing to explain and lend a hand. I have these moments of "OMG Am I really serious?!" about Swancon 36 but we have so much support and so many people are willing to help in any way they can that I think we really might just pull this off. Me, I'm still in ... what did you say the budget was? So I'm feeling extremely lucky to have a committee and hotel liaison who are ignoring me right now and just getting on with the next stuff on the to do list :)

I hate peanuts. :( I'm in a flare up. My mother reads this so I will say here, no, this does not mean I need a colonscopy :) How to explain? It's like when my sister was worried because someone told her you can feel the baby moving at 16 weeks and she couldn't. Did that mean there was something wrong? And my mother replied that if you've had a baby before, you can feel it because you know how it feels. This is like that. Doctors only really worry about Crohn's when you're going to the toilet every day 3 or more times a day. If you wake up in the night to go to the toilet. And if you're losing weight.

You kinda have to be sick for a while for these kind of symptoms to be taken notice of. I've been there and done all that. I'm like at a stage much earlier than that. I'm running a slight fever (when you have inflammation, your body runs hotter as it fights "infection" - there's no infection, it's an autoimmune disease). Monday was bad symptom wise but has improved since I pulled a load of stuff out of my diet (and also have been on pain killers) - no coffee, no alcohol, blandish foods, less gluten, no lactose, no deadly night shades and berries (both for the hives). Ugh. I must be sick, I bought spelt bread last night. Admitting I have to go gluten free and actually doing it are two very different things for me. I have a coating on my tongue and mouth ulcers. I have a flare up. But a minor minor minor one. Crohn's feels different to IBS. With IBS if I remove the problem foods, it calms down after a couple of hours, or a day or two. But I can feel my guts - they ache, like period pain I guess but in a different part of my body, and I can feel exactly how my intestines are laying in my abdomen cavity. They hurt and ache and have done for a week and it doesn't matter what I do and don't eat, it's gonna take a while for them to heal.

So yeah, stripping out my diet back to boring food - water, rice, tuna, eggs. Really concentrating on nutrition. Crohn's can result in the lack of absorption of vitamins and minerals - my disease is in the ileum which absorbs Vit B12 and zinc and these are directly related to mood, lack of both can result in depression. It's self management. I have my management tools and I'm implementing them. And it'll be fine.

Just um, never ever ever eat peanuts again. Argh.


Yay books!

It seems the books, they have arrived.

Message on my phone when I get back from lunch:

Mum: 6 boxes of books have arrived!
Benji: Woof!
Mum: And Benji is still reliving the experience.

It's dead quiet in the space where I work. I might have snorted loudly at that. Oops.

Also, my printer is good to go on the publishing the books head to tail. Yay.