August 21st, 2009


what the?

Well I said I had the exact amount of projects on to keep me out of mischief and look at this - I nearly didn't post today!

Here's a handy tip I learned today - when executing the art of picking up one's dog's business whilst out on a walk and using a recycled bag from home, be sure to first have checked that said bag did not have a hole in it. Oh why yes, indeed. Props for the OCD gal who carried on the rest of the dog walk anyway.

An observation - berries give me hives. I am addicted to Haigs Berry Chocs. These two facts do not mesh well. And neither can be stopped.

Work is crazy. I had a freak out today because I was on the phone giving some advice - that's my job, I must admit I like it! - and I suggested they apply for formal advice from us. She asked me what our turnaround time was and ... I normally work to a 45 day timeline but ... I realised that's longer than I have left on my contract. That freaked me out cause I should be more worried about being unemployed. I should have already applied for more jobs. And the fact is, I'm not that stressed. And that's stressing me out. I should be worried, damnit! At the very least, I should check with one of my bosses that my contract is getting extended into my holidays ie that my contract will expire towards the end of October.

I have reworked and reworked my selection criteria for a job application (the above para not withstanding). I sent it back out to another friend at 5pm, hoping this version has more "wank words". And hoping that she received it. Apparently I fail at wank words. And at selling myself. Who would have guessed? It's due 5pm Monday so that's probably where my head will be at Monday.

I'm shoulder-deep in Twelfth Planet Press backlog. I'm trying to sort out BoE Aurealis Award nominations. Those things are really tricky and time consuming. I'm glad I did them as each publication was published but even so, it's still fiddly. I'm also catching up on orders - there was a BoE hold up but those were all posted out this afternoon. Except for the orders that came in yesterday and today. I also can't believe it but I really am down to the last box of Horn. I've been tooing and froing with petermball and you can see the outcome of that over at his blog.

I seem to always be behind and drowning and I spose I like it like that cause as soon as I get done on one project I go find another one. So ... I won't complain about it. I'll just say I am behind on everything and leave it at that.

Tomorrow we have a Swancon meeting early. And then editormum and I are scampering off. She's gonna go through my 280 point roadmap. I can't believe it but she is! It might need focus :) I'd love to sit in a bar and just debrief and catch up but neither of us can actually drink. And the thing about mocktails is the same thing about decaffeinated coffee.

Sunday is mine. It has my name all over it. I can't wait!

I have also not been on top of my throw one thing out every day thing (restarted it today) nor my Getting Sorted plans. Both will be rebooted Sunday, I think. Though my do craft everyday is coming along well.