August 22nd, 2009


He's Just Not That Into You

I've been annoying people all week by quoting random lines from this movie and how they relate to my life. It seems to me, if I suck at the love thing, it would be pertinent to look at why - which signals I misread or choose to misread and maybe some lowdown honesty with myself would be useful.

I think people do say crap to make you feel better in some situations which only fuels your own choosing to ignore the blinking obvious.


tired now

I went to bed far too late last night *cough* 2am *cough* and then got up early as editormum came by to pick me up for the Swancon meeting. The meeting was fun. Decisions got made. We had good coffee and I had a colourful omelette.

Then editormum and I attempted a shopping expedition for a present - we were unsuccessful on that count but somehow ended up at Planet spending lots of money, I'm not sure how that happened since we started in Leederville. Also, I got in trouble for buying what I did - it was just a bit of this and that - nothing compared to her pile ... hmmm what did I do with the last couple of books I bought ...

And then we came home and she looked at my roadmap which kind of has had me paralysed to progress. It was sort of like showing my pile of dirty underwear and you only really do that with a close friend. There was scolding. And adding things, and subtracting things. But I do feel like I just had a Makeover Your Life thing. Some suggestions she came up with:

- getting a book keeper to audit my finances and set up systems for me. Feels weird to palm that crap job off to someone else but also deliciously naughty to not have to do it myself. Will think about this one.

- overhauled the list into a multisheet spreadsheet with a Did Not Finish tab too. Colour coding different boxes of my life (work, tpp, personal, swancon etc). A system to manage and also break down tasks and a dumping place for Done items. And a manage your spreadsheet every day commitment. This one I am going to action tonight - mine is not going to be a list of things to do to be awesome but an ongoing life management tool cause what I really want is a system to macro and micro manage my life. Keeping all my balls in the air will make me happy.

- here's the tough one. She thinks I should move my TV, my computer, my work and my craft out of the bedroom and work in other spaces of my house. Leave my bedroom for personal space including reading. Her theory is that I would read more and would relax more before bed and go to bed earlier. This one I am going to add to the to do list, think about for a while and see how I go.