August 23rd, 2009


Sunday mooching

In ten minutes I shall have warm gluten free muffins. I shall eat one with a nice cup of hot milo.

Baking causes such amusement for Benji - as the oven heats, it moves, every time, and that sends B off into a round of barking. Then it happens again as the oven heats a bit more. Repeat. Then as the oven cools it moves again. Repeat. Hours of canine entertainment.

I haven't been very productive today. I declared it a pajama day. Been watching some L Word. Doing a bit of sewing. Sort of transferring roadmap into the new spreadsheet titled Project Management. Been rationalising book piles - so far decided not to read one borrowed book (will return) and not to review one book (will amnesty). It's slow going.

I am sooooo tired. Seriously seriously tired. Sleepy sleepy sleepy.

I've been trying to get on top of my emails but as quick as I answer and file em, new ones seem to keep coming in.