August 24th, 2009


trippy dreaming

I'm guessing that my flare up is ebbing away. Firstly cause I feel mostly better except for having a hypersensitive intolerance to a bunch of foods (though I am still mostly eating plainly). Secondly, I had my first trippy and vivid dream last night so I'm guessing the serotonin is back, bay-bee:

I dreamed I worked for a supersecret agency for the government which had operatives deep within subsections of each government department. I was in the water section. Obviously. And my mission was to make contact with my grandparents' german shepherd who they had like, 20 years ago. I spent much of the dream wondering if the dog spoke English. I did manage to make contact and it turned out that he spoke a combination of English and sign language, in so far as, he could understand what I was saying and was able, through a series of gestures and sounds, give me directions to where he had hidden the briefcase which contained the next clue.

Eat your heart out Alias!

And then there was some crazy kind of gymnastics involving scarily high flying foxes and skiing down a sand hill. Or something.

Not as good as owls with helmets but there you are.


woo hoo!

This afternoon I submitted my application for the job! Phew. It was gruelling - 12 selection criteria, answered in 10 pages.

Many thanks to the 6 reviewers who line edited, coached and cajoled me through it.

It felt like taking an exam where the subject was Me!


bed now?

I sorta had plans to catch up on stuff tonight. I did some of that. Then I thought maybe it'd be fun to just relax and sew. I did a very little bit of that. Then I realised I could cut myself a break - job applications are a big achievement for the day.

Gonna go to bed now. Early.

Benji meanwhile spent the evening eviscerating his yellow duck. The duck is now kinda browny yellow, has no beak and has had its stuffing schlepped out through its stomach - stuffing remnants and the squeaky are spread across the entire house. Benji's called it an evening too and has hit the sack.