August 26th, 2009


On Paypal

So yesterday I was informed by Paypal that transactions on my TPP account had reached the limit that meant they needed to investigate that I was not laundering money.

On the one hand I'm thinking ... cool we reached some kind of transaction limit, that must be a good thing yeah? Business-wise. On the other, that can't be a very high limit and surely that amount of money wouldn't be worth your while to launder? I dunno, I never really thought about it before.

Either way it's kind of a pain in the arse - I have to scan and upload all this information about myself to Paypal, which I feel uncomfortable doing. I don't want them to have a copy of my electricity bill. Also they needed photo ID - seems interesting since they don't know what I look like in the first place, in order to ID me. And it feels somewhat discouraging in terms of the fact that I would imagine a lot of businesses online use paypal. You'd have to think there'd be a lot of transaction traffic to verify.



still with the trippy dreaming

Last night I dreamed the environmental apocalypse came. Well, though in my dream my dream parents had been preparing for this event for some time, it was actually some terrorists who strategically placed bombs at crucial points around the world and detonated them at the same time and somehow this caused the melting of the poles to accelerate.

In the dream, we had like 5 days before the world was going to be flooded and we needed to walk from whereever we were to some place in Egypt where a wall had been constructed to prevent inundation. And it would take four days.

And my stress in the dream was - which books do you save if you know you can't come back later to swap them? You can only take that which fits in your backpack. Do you take books you love to reread and know you will enjoy or do you take something you haven't read yet which would be new but has the risk that you may not like it?

I don't know what I chose cause I got distracted by the shiny designer floor at Myers that has all the really expensive stuff and was having a "take what you like" day.

Also the ex appeared - in a new car and dumped children at me, or something.

I'm sure I could deconstruct this - I feel like I am imminently drowning, I got dumped with the baggage from my relationship whilst he got a shiny new car. And I'm worried that we're going to lose all the books in the world. Also that environmental devastation is inevitable. And all I want is a new pair of shiny shoes.

Peppy, ain't I?


Why, I don't know what you mean ^_^

My sister is being harassed (my word, noone else's) by a woman at her work who keeps coming up to her every day and asking her if she's felt the baby move yet. Because she hasn't, my sister is terrified that the baby has died.

I think that's utterly horrible and I want to punch that woman in the face. We sit here and we wonder where kids these days get "this crap" from but its women like that one who make everything into a competition, or who's over enthusiasm is for their own enjoyment in something to the complete ignorance or rejection of someone else's discomfort. You can see what's next yeah? Comparisons about births. Exact dates for baby's first smile, first word, first step, first toilet training etc etc. If only that shit meant something.

My mother told her that every baby is different and you don't even know what you are supposed to be feeling so its hard to pinpoint it. Apparently I kicked and elbowed the whole time which is supposed to be somehow equated to my character and inability to sit still. (I don't see how I had to get dragged into it :)) Compared to my sister, who rolled around a lot and made my mother feel sick. (Ahh that's better)

editormum told me that she was 16 weeks along and she still couldn't figure out if she could feel the baby move. I just discovered that my sister reads my blog every couple of days to "keep track of what your doing, I make sure ur not doing anything terribly naughty and also if u have any crazy ideas". Whatever does she mean? *batts eyelashes* Anyway, I thought she might appreciate reading some other women's experiences and so I'd love it if you could drop past and share. She's, I think, about 18 weeks along.