August 27th, 2009

ball of yarn

minor updates

My Paypal status has been reinstated. Yay. But the experience has left me with a feeling of mistrust between us. I think I might transfer most of the balance out. I only keep it there to then pay authors from the online transactions. Has a nice synchronicity about it. But I hate the way I wasn't warned that this process might happen and I don't like the idea of them just being able to shut me down.

Many thanks for all your lovely comments to my sister. She says she is feeling better about it today and has her 20 week scan on Saturday (I have lost the ability to keep track of time, should probably get knitting). I'm reading with much interest as no doubt I will need to remind her of much of this along the way. It reminds me of a story my Nana loves to tell of how she was feeling pretty crappy because her kids were slow to toilet train compared to the woman down the road (who liked to do the comparing) until one day Nana happened to be wandering down the street and saw that woman had sheets hung outside to dry on non-sheet drying day (it was the 40s!). And then she noticed the woman often had sheets out drying. And the moral is - people say one thing but it's not always the whole truth; nevermind where other people are at, it doesn't really impact on you. And be skeptical - people fib :P

Last night my trippy dream had me constantly in transit in Dubai airport. Coming and going but always through that airport. And one time I forgot to check in so had to go all the way back out and back through check in to get my seat. And another time I got caught on the conveyorbelt for people checking in. And it was gross. And then I ended up in a perfume store. With really oddly named scents.


Job stuff

Two of my work colleagues each emailed me the same job ad this morning. The job title had me avoiding looking at it all day. But after some initial freak outs - I have to like to camp? In remote places. You think they'll have wifi? And also some squinting. And looking at things from a different perspective. And them telling me what examples to use for each of the selection criteria. Yeah I can see how this is a good option. A great opportunity, even.

It covers my personal requirements - no pay cut, permanent (it's not permanent but it's a long fixed term and for me that's kinda the same thing right now). It's also doing live science. In the field. And in my area of knowledge. That'd be a nice change and also might get me excited again about ... profession stuff.

I'm discovering that for me life's about the journey and the people you meet on the way. And so far it's been pretty cool. I'm gonna miss this team I'm in now but not the job itself. And I'm looking forward to having October off - holidays! What a concept. Think of the work I'll get done :P

Amusingly, of the 12 selection criteria I just finished, only one can be cut and pasted into the new application. Argh. How is that even possible?!

So I'm back on the job application circuit.