August 30th, 2009


A recap

I'm lazing in bed watching The L Word. Soon I'll have to get up, dress and tidy up, for I have guests. I'm looking forward to a bit of chat, some coffee and perusing callistra's lingerie catalogues. No idea what my finances look like but some things are *necessary*.

I had a bit of a rough week. Didn't blog about it but bits of it were really personally tough. I wore The Shoes (see icon) to work twice this week for morale boosting. jonathanstrahan had invited me for a drink at his place on Friday night and whilst the week kinda killed me and I was all kinds of tired, I knew hanging with my friend would help. And it did. And I should remember that the reward is far greater than the effort required to not get into bed as soon as I get home. We talked over a glass of wine and a delicious spread of cheese and dips and some cool jazz in the background. We talked for like 5 hours in a space where noone was rolling their eyes cause we were endlessly discussing publishing minutiae. Ha! Awesome! I didn't want to leave but was knackered when I finally got home.

And then my mother called me very early Saturday morning to come and join her in a cafe where she was hanging out. OMG i was tired but she'd already woken me so I went. My dad was not that far behind me (which she had feared, I was filler) and we ended up having a fun catch up over breakfast. And then they introduced me to discount pharmacy shopping.

I headed home. I worked for a couple of hours - found my desk!! It was right where I left it when I piled shitloads of crap on top of it. I even ended up running a few very old and pressing chores before I headed out to meet my uncle for coffee. I was late and he was "forced" to buy books to fend off his boredom - we met at the Bookcafe. We had a hilarious catch up - I have learned of a program I want to look into in my quest to take a 6 month visit to Italy. I learned that people's vocabularies are shrinking at an alarming rate! (and have a need to go find out what my size is, he assured me he thought it would be large! heh). We chatted about all things books. He is writing a new uni program and is working on a lecture on Le Guin and was raving about what a brilliant writer she is, with such great talent for words and imagery - hence the conversation about vocab size. We talked about vampires, cause, well... we do. I had a fun time.

Then I came home and did practically nothing! OMG I am kinds of knackered these days. Somehow though, whilst I was chatting with Ben online, I got my email inbox down to under 50. Wow.

Getting Sorted: update

So this was the first week working with the new spreadsheet after editormum had a look at the roadmap and suggested some revamps.

I think the whole process is quite interesting in terms of trying a bunch of possible solutions and just throwing out the ones that don't work for me. It's part of the idea, I think, that she had me include a "Did Not Complete" tab in the spreadsheet - it means no fear of adding things to the to do list and if later I want to abandon them or just don't want to do them any more, pick em up and whack em in there. I'm trying to apply this to other things in my life - like the to read pile, Last Short Story and so on. I'm starting to look at life from the perspective of, lifetime is finite, do I want to spend some of it on X instead of Y? Its helping to be more ruthless and less completist for the sake of completion. I even have three items in there already.

I'm quite liking the Project Management spreadsheet, as it is called. I have 7 tabs of different overarching areas of my life and I just whack in new things that need to be done, or I want to do, whenever I think of them. I have it open at all times. I'm hoping to get some time later today to go through and check all items are phrased as an action and also I am trying to break these actions down into executable tasks. The thing that is working for me is that I have a "Finished Tasks" tab and so it doesn't matter how long (and believe me the other tabs are full full full) the other lists get, as long as this one grows, it's all good. Every subsection is denoted by a different colour and when items go into the Finished tab, the get tagged so I can sort by area to see how I am going. So, after a week it looks like this:

20 completed tasks - 5 Work (day job) related, 3 personal (2 TV, 1 Film), 4 Swancon/Natcon, 8 Twelfth Planet Press (2 Horn, 1 Shiny, 2 General, 2 Roadkill/Siren Beat, 1 BoE). I've actually probably done more than this as I am still training myself to a) use this for everything and b) go back and tick off what I have done.

I'm still working on rolling out a bunch of things. For example, the regular stuff. Not included above because I haven't set it up properly yet, I also read one graphic novel for the week, read one nonfiction essay/feminist critical piece and worked on a bunch of craft goals. Tracking this bit is still being ironed out. Not sure if it will just get picked up as a finished goal later.

I trialled this week a stint system - I broke down all the very large ongoing projects I want to complete (3 sewing projects, reading, house organisation plus a big overhaul of the indexing at ASif!) into day bite size bits. And then I tried to make sure every day I did one little stint for each. This worked well in theory but not so well in practice. I am probably going to throw this one out as a technique that works for me. Or I will take one of these things only to work on everyday. It was just too much.

Next week I am going to see how it goes to assign one day to each of the above tasks in the week and see how that works out.

And I am going to finally bite the bullet and call my friend who's an accountant and ask for help on the financial organisation stuff.


Sunday evening, already?

Weird but there's something not too hideous about it being Monday tomorrow because there will only be 3 more Mondays after tomorrow for me to go to this job to after a lazy Sunday. I'm ignoring the panic of the current employment sitch cause I am going to have 3 weeks earned, paid holidays and I intend to enjoy every single day of them.

I had a lovely day today - underwear was bought, coffee was drunk, conversation was had.

Though now I have a headache - too much coffee methinks.


Broken hearted

My brain is not working right this weekend - this was the post I meant to make before but I forgot the thought mid writing. Which is amusing because:

It occurred to me yesterday that I can't remember unpacking my Planet buys from two weeks ago - The City and The City and Let the Right One In. I hunted the house high and low for where I might have stashed the bag. No luck. I had a look in my car - brief but reasonably thorough. No luck. I asked vodkandlime if she remembered me leaving the coffee shop with the bag in hand (she did and I remember having it when I went food shopping afterwards).

Sigh. I now have to call the supermarket and see if I somehow left the books there.

I've got Busy Person's Brain.