August 31st, 2009


Break a glass ceiling

Just reading the post at Feministing about the passing of the photojournalist Mary Morris Lawrence. At her request the last line of her obituary reads: "In lieu of flowers, Mary would ask you to join the League of Women Voters, shop at Farmer Joes, write a letter to the editor, or break a glass ceiling!"

That is SO going to get me through the week.

From her obituary - Lawrence graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 1936 and in 1937 she became the first female photojournalist hired by New York's Associated Press. She was a photographer and Hollywood columnist. She married Mercury Records producer Harold Lawrence in 1963 and volunteered for the League of Women Voters, ERA, Oakland Potluck, Neighborhood Newsletter Task Force, and as creative partner to Harold's film documentaries.

Too Much Fun!!

Hopefully I got my deadline extension that I asked for today. Else I missed a deadline ...

We had our first farewell afternoon tea today for G_ who is off to start his new job tomorrow. I'm gonna really miss him. He is awesome fun, hilarious, snarky as, bought and read Horn and totally let me bitch and moan and whatever at him. I really am gonna miss him. Course, I only have 4 weeks left there myself and over this next 4 weeks our team will progressively shrink. Pretty sad.

At afternoon tea the following happened, to demonstrate how much I'm gonna miss hanging with this gang everyday.

AF: Look at this G.
*shows G something she has fished out of the dip with her chip*
G: Is that mold?
AF: You just bought it right? And it goes till Sept 3.
Me: What is it? Mold did you say?
*I try to peer past A to see what AF is holding*
A: It's ok Alisa, you just eat the chips.

Ahh good times.

I bought Benji a Kong today. Oh my goodness what excitement there was with it! It's the little sized one but it's still kinda too big for him but he managed to run round the house with it and spend much time trying to fish out the biscuit - it's still there. There was so much excitement, in fact, that Benji had to nap afterwards. Heh.

I am feeling better about things today - I've noticed if I get through a few errands or cross a few things off my list, I feel better. Makes sense. I'm going to try and incorporate that more effectively into each day - combine big tasks with little niggling ones. See if that works better.

I've nearly inhaled 3 seasons of The L Word in three weeks. Almost at the end, soon to be in lesbian drama withdrawal. Will replace it with a new addiction immediately.