September 6th, 2009


things n stuff

Government funded health care was on my mind today. I woke up early to see my fave GP with whom you have to book your appointment 3 weeks in advance and she no longer takes on new patients. She runs a tight ship and saw me early. I had saved up a tonne of things to see her about - consulted on the hives for which there is nothing else I can do, talked over the hives in my eyes (my mother made me) which was fine, and set a reminder to see my guts doctor for June 2010 as a 5 year check up. Talked over the recent scare I had. That was good. Got a renewed prescription for contraception which will cost me about $40 for the year thanks to the PBS. Got my referral for counselling which means Medicare rebates about $120 a visit because the Australian Government values the mental health of its citizens. Was reassured that just because it's helping doesn't mean I should apologise or feel bad for continuing to go. And got a referral for some long overdue blood tests which then were completely covered by Medicare. And this whole visit? Was bulk billed to Medicare.


I felt virtuous after this, having gotten up early on a Saturday and getting a ton of things on my to do list done, that I didn't really want to do. I popped past my parents and ended up going out to The Mezz with them for coffee - I hadn't been there before. We had coffee and then wandered around and ended up at this shop called Licorice which had sooooo many cool things - tea and spices and all kinds of lollies all loose. And then every kind of gorgeous condiment I could think of. Only barely scraping into getting beyond the hives, I just bought two kinds of rooibos tea - vanilla and a flower one. But I'd love to go back another time and stock up on spices and herbs.

My parents decided to steal Benji for the afternoon - and he is exhausted from entertaining them and worming his way into my Dad's good books again (after an unfortunate close shave of finger and teeth). I headed off to North Freo to meet kathrynlinge for high tea. She has reviewed the high tea itself elsewhere. I will merely say that it was nice to debrief and hang with her. I don't see her nearly enough these days.

Tomorrow (today) is a busy one. Breakfast with Dad and my fam for Father's Day. And then I am heading out in the arvo to meet up with a work friend from my last job to wander round the Conscious Living Expo. We shall see.

Must go see how BSG ends up, three episodes to go.

Horn Spotting - Locus, Sept Issue

New from Australia’s Twelfth Planet Press is a first rate novella chapbook, Horn, by Peter M. Ball. Miriam Aster is a freelance detective, having blown her police career with some unprofessional behavior, but she’s still called back for certain cases as a consultant. Cases, apparently, involving visitors from Faerie. This story starts with a teenager found raped and killed, evidently by a unicorn’s horn. To her regret, the case requires Aster to deal again with her former lover, an exiled Queen of Faerie, and of course Aster still loves the other woman, but knows she can’t get back with her.
But there’s a rogue unicorn loose, and maybe worse in the form of people willing to use a rogue unicorn for very nasty purposes indeed ... All the traditional hardboiled attitude, mixed effectively with adark look a Faerie. Strong stuff indeed.

Recommended Stories
Peter M. Ball, Horn (Twelfth Planet Press)

Rich Horton

Getting Sorted Update

Since I posted, I think last Sunday, on my progress after Week 1 of the new spreadsheet, I thought I'd update weekly on my progress. Even if just as a personal bookmark.

So, week 2 of the spreadsheet has seen 40 tasks sent to the "Completed Tasks" tab with the following breakdown:

28 TPP (13 Horn, 6 BoE, 5 Roadkill/Siren Beat, 2 ASif, 2 General)
10 Personal (1 Benji, 1 Money, 6 errands, 2 TV)
1 Swancon/Natcon
1 Work

Possibly a bit TPP top heavy. One of the reasons why it's all tagged is so I can see where I am focussing my energy and what I am ignoring :) And tasks are totally not comparable. You know, that would be scientific or something.

Comments - I think whilst I may have actually done more last week than the week before, it's currently hard to actually assess. I'm still feeding in the remaining sections into the spreadsheet. I also still am working on making each task executable in its own right. I tend to write to do lists with double barrelled items (do this and this, or do this three different times for three different things). I also noticed that I move goal posts a lot. This contributes to the feeling of not getting much done - instead of crossing something out or moving it to a Done column, I write over top of items with the next step in the project. One of the reasons I tend to feel like I am not getting anywhere. I've been working on this - hence more items in the Completed sheet. Also the breaking down and splitting up of tasks will help with this too.