September 7th, 2009



I keep forgetting to post about this. The other week I discovered I have a huge and bountiful olive tree in my garden, exploding with fruit.

I should like, collect em and marinate, yes?

Any recommendations on recipes that are good?

I'll take a lie down, I think

Yesterday I washed Benji cause he was dirty.
Today I washed Benji cause he was dirty.
I don't think he'll be impressed if I wash him tomorrow.

I popped past my parents' on the way home tonight and my sister was there too. For some reason, I'd briefly forgotten she was pregnant. I got a bit of a fright.

I need to schedule sleeping I think.


TPP Outtakes

Staff meetings:

cassiphone ... sexy with realistic body shape as opposed to vampire slut barbies.
girliejones: don't say vampire slut barbies!!! someone will write me a novella round it!
cassiphone: well how else were you going to top unicorn rape and tentacle sex?

(making smut weird since 2009)

girliejones: this is why you are paid the top bucks
vodkandlime: I'm so buying the vampire slut barbies.
girliejones: sigh. I need to blog this conversation
cassiphone: I would but I'm busy writing up a vampire slut barbies pitch to send to you later :D

And this is how the work gets done round here.