September 8th, 2009


Ahh the privilege that comes with the passing of time

My mother has this saying - you don't know the end of the story, until the end of the story.

I was driving into work this morning and was for some reason thinking about sneakers - as a tangent from mikandra's post from yesterday. I was remembering back to the first pair of snazzy, serious sneakers my parents forked hard earned cash over for - it was back when Reeboks had first come to Perth and it was a *seriously* big deal that you get your parents to buy you a pair.

I had it "tough" - my parents were not interested in keeping up with the "Joneses" (oh the irony) and that was hard (or character building) going to a pretty affluent private school.

Anyway, I wanted a particular pair cause a friend of mine had a particular pair and they were perfect crosstrainers for like netball AND aerobics. She had them and I wanted them. And I think that's what I ended up getting but I always remember feeling really bad or guilty about it because I only wore them to school for sports and I think sometimes I ran on the weekends. But this girl, she totally also wore them to aerobics. And I felt bad because whilst she and I were friends and hard-core ballet dancers - we went to class 3 times a week, did pointe, one of the classes was on a Saturday afternoon which really ate into your weekend - she though, was also a member of a gym (that was unusual back then in the *cough* late 80s/early 90s) and did aerobics a couple of times a week *as well*.

I always felt lazy. Or at least didn't have the energy to do that as well, and felt bad.

And it wasn't until I was thinking about that this morning, and exploring how that had always made me feel less than, that I remembered the end of the story: oh yes, that's right, she and the other girl who used to do that, were both anorexics.

Phew. I can let that guilt go now!

From Get Up

After four years in immigration detention, Masoud was granted a temporary visa. Then he was hit with a $264,000 bill for his "accommodation" in Baxter Detention Centre. There are hundreds more like him - experiencing unimaginable trauma only to then be slugged with an enormous bill for the privilege.

Thanks to the efforts of caring Australians, like yourself, the bill to abolish detention debt passed just moments ago in the Senate.

In an historic move, Liberal Senator Troeth, who met with a GetUp delegation of those affected by this policy, abandoned her party's position and crossed the floor to support the bill. She was joined, at the last minute, by Senator Fielding - whose support we will need on other refugee reform bills in the coming months.

So often we criticise politicians for not standing up and speaking out. Now it is our responsibility to thank them for doing the right thing. With other key refugee and asylum seeker reform bills up for debate shortly, it's important that we take a moment to thank Senator Troeth and Senator Fielding who took the courageous move of voting on moral rather than party lines.

Click here to send these Senators a message of thanks


Vampire Slut Barbies

Contrary to rumour, I am NOT doing an anthology called Trailer Trash from Hell featuring Vampire Slut Barbies.


ETA: Look, we all know I'd hate the stories. The unicorn rape porn and the tentacle sex stories were just flukes. That's it. I'd hate vampire slut barbies and other assorted trailer trash from hell stories like I hate plotless necrophiliac flash fiction.

ETA 2: Seriously.

ETA 3: And *even* if I liked 2 or 3, you need at least 10 for an anthology.

ETA 4: Or two novelettes I spose.


Today I

- was late to work because not only did Benji refuse to go outside, he also refused to go outside to pee. And he thought noone would notice if he just went behind the dining table. Pity for him that he's not a silent peer. Pity for me that on being unceremoniously ejected, he registered his protest by continuing to pee on his way out, leaving me two puddles and the longest, waviest line of pee to clean up in a hurry.

- forgot that I was the chair of the team meeting. I arrived just in time for it, made coffee and thus was late, sat next to A_ who whispered "You're chair" but I heard her say "your chair" and thus had no idea what she meant. I also had not prepared the agenda for the meeting. And was still flustered and nonfunctioning. No matter how much society insists on working hours starting early in the morning, the best it can ever get me to do is to show up for them, I cannot promise my brain will be working though.

- began my next job application. After much avoidance, I have discovered it's only 5 selection criteria and can only fill 3 pages. I can also cut and paste 2 of them from the last application, leaving only 3 to write and some of the sentences can be picked up across the rest of the last application. Cobbling began.

- saw the covers for the TPP Double. EEk!!! Gorgeous!

- decided Tara is my favourite character in True Blood.

- sent my CV to my branch manager. And expect an awkward conversation about Horn some time in the future (yes it's on there. What?)

- slushed almost all the early Sprawl submissions.

- enjoyed drinking copious amounts of vanilla rooibos tea.