September 9th, 2009


Thoughts on True Blood

I am actually supposed to be writing an essay on Buffy Season 3 but instead, I soothed my end of BSG blues by mainlining half of Season 1 of True Blood.

My favourite character is Tara but yet again, I am left wondering why she is love with Jason Stackhouse. I'm putting this one in the Hermione/Ron basket. Jason is stupid - everyone makes sure to mention it. He's stupid, self involved, in constant pursuit of his own satisfaction, a drug addict and kinda has very low morality.

I find no real reason why Tara would be in love with him.

Okay fine, he's very buff.


What does he have to do to get fired?

Where's the line 2DayFM? What does he have to do to get fired? Clearly he has no idea about behaviour. Or ... maybe you like the attention 2DayFM?

Shock jock Kyle Sandilands has been suspended from radio following comments he made about comedian Magda Szubanski.

Sandilands sparked outrage yesterday when he said Szubanski - who is a spokeswoman for a weight loss company - could lose even more weight if she was in a concentration camp.

Szubanski's father is from Poland, a country where many of the worst Nazi concentration camps, including Auschwitz, were located.

The general manger of Sydney radio station 2DayFM, Adam Lang, says the comments were unacceptable.

"2DayFM has suspended Kyle Sandilands following comments he made during The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Tuesday, September 8, 2009," he said in a statement.


A minute to midnight

Just got a call from the Governor ...

I was just given an extension to this contract by 3 weeks so that means I have 6 weeks worth of work and then 3 weeks of paid leave, putting back at being employed into November now.


I see

Taken from this article on,28383,26052461-5013560,00.html

Sandilands told listeners he had sought to apologise directly to Szubanski, but had been unable to reach the comedienne.

This shows that Sandilands does not understand the full extent of the offense he has caused.

However, this is my favourite piece in the article:

The concentration camp comments could also threaten Sandilands' plans to make in-roads in Hollywood, where the major studio bosses are predominantly Jewish or sympathetic to the sensitivities of Holocaust survivors.

Cause there's nothing like bringing in a bit of antisemitism in the form of the Elders of Zion for a bit of really *good* dramatic punch on your piece, eh? Holly Byrnes forgot to mention Jews also own all the banks, all of Government, the UN and are grudge-holding, petty bastards who enjoy a good bit of pay back for each and every ill or bad word any one of us experiences anywhere in the world.

Um, also, what the fuck does "sympathetic to the sensitivities of Holocaust survivors" mean exactly? Seriously, what does it mean? It implies there are people out there (perhaps the writer of this piece, Holly Byrne), who are not sympathetic to the experience of being singled out by your religion (political leanings, sexual orientation or disability), rounded up, loaded onto overpacked cattle trains, like, um, cattle, taken to work camps with mottos of "Work sets you free", which really mean, when you can't work anymore (cause you are cold, sick, hungry, tired, old or young) we'll either shoot you on the spot or take you to this building that looks like a shower block but is really a gassing facility and then we will kill you, toss your naked body on a pile of naked bodies and then eventually make people you know feed you into really big ovens made for burning human bodies. Who is not sympathetic to the sensitivities of people who happened to live through this and not die?

Could just be that noone in Hollywood will give Sandilands a job because he is a talentless hack who plays on the lowest form of humour - the bully. But now we'll never know cause we get to blame it on the Jews.



And also, how fucking ironic.

ETA: I left this comment, dunno if they will publish it:
Holly, could you please explain what you mean by: sympathetic to the sensitivities of Holocaust survivors? Are you suggesting that Jewish people might bring down retribution in Hollywood because of something some nobody in Australia said on commercial radio? Have you been reading the Elders of Zion recently?