September 10th, 2009


It's still winter

Last night I saw there was a storm warning for Perth for this morning. Of course it was the one morning, like ever, that Benji actually went outside and was cool with being outside. I even locked the doors and packed my car. But it was pretty windy and cold and I felt guilty - on Monday he was left outside in his rain jacket (yes my dog has a rain jacket) and he decided to take shelter under a fern rather than, say, his KENNEL! And he came inside sopping wet and his jacket full of wet sand.

I dunno. I called him inside, closed off as many doors as I could and am hoping for the best that he doesn't decide to eat [insert anything you can think of here].

It's pretty blustery out there now.


Database advice

strangedave will have a good laugh at this one.

I'm looking for any pointers in the direction of information on databases. I don't know anything about them but I *think* what I am looking for is a database that sits behind a webface frontage. I want to transfer the information on ASif! into a much more manageable format. Currently, the entire site sits in a wiki. That means that whenever we want to change the format or layout or reindex or add an index, we have to do the whole thing across the whole site manually. We're currently in the process of an upgrade and it's obvious that the next time we want to do this it's only going to get worse and be more of a pain - we add about 2-300 reviews a year to the site alone.

We're aware that we might need to tender the building of a database tailored to our specific needs. And that that might be costly. I'd appreciate any and all advice - we're considering options like a grant if that's the direction we need to go.