September 14th, 2009


So the new year will bring us the year 5770

Here's a little Jewish themed joke for ya.

On the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, there is a ceremony called Tashlich.
Jews traditionally go to the ocean or a stream or river to pray and throw bread crumbs into the water. Symbolically, the fish devour their sins.

Occasionally, people ask what kind of bread crumbs should be thrown.

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Apparently I'll be needing some Hot Cross Buns :P

The greeting for New Year is to wish people a sweet, round year and to wish them well over the fast (coming up 10 days later). So ... Shanah Tovah U Metukah - Happy and Sweet Year - to you!


I'm not a football fan

So, I guess I don't understand.

A VICTORIAN footballer has been charged with the manslaughter of his teammate during a club's grand final celebrations - which continued in a "low key" manner.

Father-of-two Nathan Alsop, 37, died after he was allegedly hit following a reported fight at the East Geelong club


Witnesses told the newspaper that they saw the victim on the ground but continued walking, not realising the seriousness of the injuries.

Daniel Singleton, 29, was arrested at the scene, charged with manslaughter and spent last night in custody. He will appear at the Geelong Magistrates' Court today.

East Geelong president Graeme Thompson said club staff had tried desperately to revive Mr Alsop after the incident.

Mr Thompson said victory celebrations were continuing yesterday but described them as low key as the tight-knit club was devasted by the death.

Football sounds AWESOME, eh! You're such a close-knit club that one of your members is killed when two get into a fight AT the celebrations of your win. And then, because you're such a close-knit group, you scale back your celebrations to just "low key", out of respect for the, well, murder of your friend by another friend, at yesterday's celebrations?

I think I must be missing something somewhere here. It might be the value of life, but I'm not sure ...


Twelfth Planet Press Announcement

Issue 6 will be the final issue of Shiny. Twelfth Planet Press originally launched Shiny to experiment with the webzine form, and to carve out an audience for YA short stories. With the overwhelmingly enthusiastic support for Twelfth Planet Press' print publications, both by paying readers and submitting authors, and with so many new books planned for the 2010 and 2011 schedules, it's time to let Shiny go.

In just over 2 years, Shiny published 18 stories, 9 by Australians. "Cracks," by Trent Jamieson (Issue 2) won the 2008 Aurealis Award for Best YA Short Story and reminded us that good stories get noticed, no matter the published format. It was with extreme pride that we watched our little e-magazine that could, Shiny, get flashed up in the Aurealis Award presentation slide show.

It has been an honour to work with both my fellow editors, Ben Payne, Tansy Rayner Roberts and Tehani Wessely, and all the writers who have together made Shiny a fun, exciting and worthwhile project to work on. Thank you to the loyal supporters who read and enjoyed the stories in the 6 issues, over the last two years.

An option of the return of outstanding subscriptions via paypal or credit towards other Twelfth Planet Press products will be offered to those with subscriptions beyond Issue 6.


random other things

1. Just as well I didn't get too cocky with the virtual quilting bee pattern I am doing this month. I just went and printed the template and it needs to be enlarged before I can cut the pieces out. I'd like to get my block done and posted off before the end of this week, what with the crazy weekend n'all.

2. The trick to being productive is having just the right amount of pressing deadlines and procrastinatory projects. For example, today, Roadkill finally got proofed because I was dodging my job application. I did work on some of the selection criteria but that was in lieu of something else I was avoiding doing. As long as I keep on juggling, it all comes out in the wash.

3. Twitter is a very very cool thing and those who slam it just don't understand it. Hopefully I can expand on this at some later point in time.

4. Item 3 and 5 have had me thinking a lot about networking. A lot about it has to do with serendipity and just plain pure downright luck. But a lot of it has to do with putting yourself in the right place and the right time. It also has to do with putting as much out as you hope to get back and being genuine - not using your networks to bring you success and wealth. More like, if you go looking for something specific, you are sure not to find it but if you go out into the world to engage with it, you will be surprised how much will find you. Or something equally wanky.

5. I've been working on the Database/CMS ASif! question. Many thanks to all those who commented or emailed me advice on it. I really have no idea at all what the hell I am talking about when it comes to software etc. I was leaning towards a database but a lot of people keep mentioning the dreaded "joomla" word at me. I mentioned that I was looking for help on this last week to A_ at work and she suggested I speak to a member of our team because *that is exactly his job for us* - building a database and a front end webpage. Doh! I spoke to him last week at the goodbye drinks and he said, "yeah you need a database". But today he emailed me more about it and had a scope round on the wiki info sites cause he thinks that there might be a way to easily pull all the information currently on the website into the new format. Which would be really really cool. Apparently wiki might store all the info in a database to start with. But he also said "joomla". I really really really hate joomla. It was really not at all user friendly to someone starting out with no CMS experience at all. On the other hand, it does present great templates that might work for the look we want to go with for the revamp.

6. I started taking Vit B yesterday and OMG it's made an enormous difference. I don't feel bone-weary tired and sleepy all the time and I am getting better sleep too.

7. Just watched the True Blood finale - I always thought that it was romantic to be given a dress by your date to wear on your date. Now I realise I would probably hate being told what to wear :). Oh romance, you is so different to what I thought you would be.