September 16th, 2009


sleepy skeepy

Am very tired today because I was, for some reason, attempting an all-nighter to work on my quilting block for the quilting bee. At half-past midnight I realised the ridiculousness of this and sent myself to bed. I had traced the templates out for all the pieces and cut them, sewed one quarter of the block and pieced maybe half the other pieces together. I'm quite pleased though with how it's shaping up so was hoping to see more of it finished. Course, I only have yoga on tonight so there will be time to finish it tonight. I am just slightly terrified of missing the first deadline on this group project!!

AND I started watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles and got 3 episodes in before the aforementioned bed-sending. I think I have become addicted to inhaling television. This seems like it could either get expensive or time expensive if watched on my laptop. On the other hand, I am insanely behind on television that aired in the last 5 years or so and feel this pressing need to fix this. Film will follow.

It's September and nearly coming up on a year since I wrote my "things I don't still want to be on this list next christmas" list. Interestingly, for all my meandering about the place, I am actually making some progress towards these not being on next year's list. I got all my furniture back from the ex, thus cutting any remaining ties. I found a place the other day to hang one of the Dalis and there is slowly more art filling the white walls at my place. The aim is for there to be a few finished quilts to hang too, to warm up some of the spaces. That's why the rush on quilting - to have things up on the walls by Christmas (but I also feel sad that I will no longer be working on some of these projects which is hindering progress. I need to get over that on account of there being a ton of other projects in the queue and this will justify more project acquisition at the next craft fair.) Catching up on TV was on the list - as well as which shows.

Last night I had a weird and kinda awesome dream. Awesome because I was showing off my very buff biceps which I explained were from just one yoga session a week. I'm choosing to consider that to be prophetic :) Also there was a hunky man in the picture and I had to go into a house that was quarantined for being "too hot" - I went in, held my breath so as not to dehydrate my lungs and grabbed the thing I needed to get from there, and came out with just a coating of sweat on my body. And I reported that it wasn't as hot as I thought it would be in there.

Yoga yoga yoga

Ahhh I have my post yoga bliss! It was a lovely small class tonight so I took the opportunity to ask for the bandas to get explained - which muscles exactly should I be engaging and when etc. I tried to practice that for the rest of the practice and discovered that years of ballet training have meant that I can engage one, and then the other, but tend to then just keep all the muscles activated. Which is not the point of the practice. So that will be something to work on.

Every week I try and add more to what I can do, take things further, or take my practice to the next level. At the moment I am increasing the number of Chaturanga Dandasanas that I can do properly ie, not resting on the floor and rolling my toes (ouchies) when going from plank to upward facing dog. I did 3 of the 5 in the Sun Salute Series A. I also am trying to increase the number of vinyasas that I can do in the seated sequence - I started from none, being so tired by the time we get there, but I did 2 or 3 tonight, I forget. I figure if I can build and increase each and every week, I must be making progress.

And every week I could swear I am getting closer to half lotus. I so want to reach it by Christmas :) Which is ridiculous and I will see what happens as it happens. Also I am working on ankle flexibility. I didn't even realise I didn't have any ...