September 17th, 2009


Horn hits the airwaves

Via narrelle:

Tomorrow on the Outland Institute radio show:

* Outland host John Richards interviews comedienne Hannah Gadsby
* narrelle reviews Peter M Ball's novella "Horn" (warning - there are some spoilers. It seemed unavoidable)
* Glenn Dunks talks about Aussie big-screen musicals
* We pay tribute to computer pioneer and Nazi thwarter Alan Turing in "Almost Fabulous" (in which I have a cameo as Gordon Brown...)

Midday to 2 on Joy 94.9. Stream it live or download the podcasts (sans music quiz) later from iTunes!

I'm looking forward to it!



So this getting weird, yeah? I bought some CDs on the weekend when I drove past JB Hifi to pick up my Dali prints. I remember carrying the bag back to my car. Then I drove home, unpacked the car with all the framed prints etc, crazy Benji jumping all around and then editormum came past and picked me up for the Swancon meeting.

Can. Not. Find. The damn CDs now. You think they are with the books from Planet? My house is not that messy! I mean, yeah there are piles of stuff that I haven't put away yet but they are distinct and visible and easy to go through. If I had a spare frigging half a day, I'd just tidy up my house. I think next weekend is Yom Kippur. So my next free half a day is Oct 18. Though technically I am on holidays after that. Wonder if I could just not schedule anything in November, for fun. And then see what it was like to get bored.

Tonight kathrynlinge and I are off to the Art Gallery to hear Katie Noonan. Looking forward to that! Might even see if a gin and tonic is allergen free. Tomorrow night is Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) - fam are flying in for dinner etc. Saturday is the Hens extravaganza (bride looks damn tired today) and Sunday is the WASFF meeting.

I managed to get some more of my square done for the quilting bee. I wanted to get more of it done but I am pulling some weight over at ASif! at the moment and whilst I can sew and read/edit reviews, the publishing of 'em is a bit fiddly. I can't believe electricant doesn't complain about this more!!!

I think I am mostly moved to not go the database route and to look into Drupal for the upgrade for ASif! I have this vague hope that it would be reasonably straight forward and even I could set it up. I'm sure that won't be the case but until I look into that, I can pretend.

I paid for the printing for Roadkill/Siren Beat today. And I've signed off on the proofs. So ... yeah ... that's the last TPP book for the year which feels weird. A relief, but weird. I have dealt with the hole in my time (and the lack of slush now we closed Shiny) by picking up pace at Last Short Story. I can't seem to read shorts and edit them at the same time. (benpeek I owe you that thing and will try and get it to you by the end of the weekend. I can see you frowning from here!) And I'm gearing up to start working on 2010's schedule. There's quite a lot of the fiction already sitting there waiting. So I don't think I will be out of things to do. Though I do worry about such a thing!


Last Short Story

You know you're not quite right when you update your column in the Last Short Story spreadsheet, work out how many shorts you have left to read and think, "Oh cool only about 500 to go."


I've been reading a lot of material that others have happily and forcefully zeroed. I feel like part of the project is for across the seven of us, to have at least read everything. Course there are outlets that none of us are going to read. Some are outlets we read last year and the year before and fall into the category Ellen Datlow refers to as published, unedited slush. And I don't feel bad about us not covering that.

BUT!! I have 500 shorts to go and I know not everything is in the spreadsheet yet! And there are less than 80 days to go. And yes, I've saved all the novellas to the end. And I really really want to be conversant in say the top 300 shorts published in 2009. So I'm going to get a bit tougher than I normally would. Otherwise, I just am going to miss out on the point of this project. Again.

jonathanstrahan threw us the list of our current top 40 so far. It's kinda fun when he does that because it's totally meaningless this far out from the end (not enough of us have double or tripled up on the read material yet) because the list will totally change later. And its cool to watch other readers come in and balance each other out.


I love my printer

Just got a call to confirm up everything for Roadkill/Siren Beat. And a "any instructions on the flip flop?" Heh, I love that they are just going with it! They were really awesome for A Book of Endings so I'm sure this will be great. She did laugh at the "could I have it ready for Conflux?" I'm going to launch this one out of con session in October, just to try something new. More on that later.

Meanwhile, Canberra hasn't see (what little there is left of) Horn nor A Book of Endings nor New Ceres Nights neither.