September 19th, 2009



Despite my nickname (earned during undergrad when I did engineering with like 400 guys), I am not that girly. However, I came home and needed a hot bath with radox by the light of gentle lavender candles and a face mask in order to recover from today.

Actually, I read a really awesome story in Daughters of Earth - "Created He Them" by Alice Eleanor Jones - F&SF (1955). Apparently that style of SF was labelled "diaper" or "housewife hero" SF. Whatever. I thought it was AWESOME and still relevant - I'd buy that and publish it today. Really good story.

Need quiet and something to still my nerves, dear friends.

However I see that the WASFF meeting could not get a quorum and has been postponed which means - yay! Full free day tomorrow. I shall tidy up my house! And. Do Work!