September 20th, 2009



Got a lovely night's sleep last night ... ten glorious, mostly undisturbed hours.

I dreamed though that I visited an episodic lake with one of the guys who will remain in my team at work for a bit longer with me. It was not quite a cave and not a lagoon but something of a combination of the two, does that even exist? The last time I had been to it, it had been dry and we didn't expect it to be full so we had approached at quite a speed and my friend had to brake suddenly and maneouver the car so that we didn't end up in the water. We drove around and wondered at some other caverns full of water.

And then the dream kinda went a bit Star Trekkish, or scifiesque and also had elements of moving between parallel worlds. Or something.



What a difference a day pottering round at home makes!

I slept in which I really appreciated. Then I took the day at a nice slow pace. I baked some muffins, drank coffee and read some chapters of a book entirely for fun. I've done a bit of reading for Last Short Story. Been working on my quilting bee square. And I've tidied up a bit about the place, cleaned out the fridge (found out that I used out of date eggs for the muffins - I had already eaten one) and freezer and did a bit of a food shop.

I got inspired over the weekend by my uncle who suggested some recipes that are sans allergens for me. I'm going to try haloumi on pasta for dinner tonight.


Getting Sorted Weekly update

I'm gonna call it now, even though I'm still pottering round on things. They can be a bonus for next week.

This week was about just getting runs on the board and maintaining routines.

27 tasks completed

15 Twelfth Planet Press (7 Siren Beat/Roadkill, 3 Horn, 3 Shiny, 1 BoE, 1 General)
5 Work
1 TV
2 Swancon/Natcon
2 House/errand, 1 Cooking
1 Other

I've also begun chasing down the tally for Last Short Story.

Bit of a biggish week coming up. We'll see how we go.


Horn Spotting

I think this might be the coolest Horn Spotting reported so far. I definitely had shivers hearing the book, and the plot and TPP discussed on a radio podcast!!!

Narrelle Harris reviews Horn on JOY 94.9. You can listen to the podcast here - which is very amusing and I might regularly subscribe to it. Narrelle is not too far into the show.