September 22nd, 2009


Good day!

So, here I am. I survived!!! I have some time to kill before counselling this afternoon - coincidental scheduling but figured that worked out well, if I tanked.

I slept really well last night. I pottered around in the evening, baked some muffins and watched the Emmys, sewed a bit on thetumbling blocks project. I kept trying to work through and coach myself on the questions but realised that there was no point til I saw them and that I would have 10mins prep time before the interview itself. As I said, I slept really well, I even had a positive dream about Twelfth Planet Press.

I slept in today. Gradually got up, sorted out my outfit - had a black suit jacket which was obviously laundered and not worn again. Wore my two lucky items - Chanel No 5 and The Shoes. I wandered into the city with about an hour to kill. I sat at Velvet and nursed a coffe and reread my selection criteria til I got bored. Then I cleaned out my phone inbox and texted my electrician who I am still chasing to fix something.

At almost time, I realised I might need a bottle of water - I wandered into the next cafe down to buy one and found A sitting by herself, reading over her criteria. Heh. (Must show her the other cafe, it's got better coffee). I presented as told to the reception who were having a crazy day today and so I joked a bit around with them which was nice and loosened me up. Then a really lovely lady came down and chatted with me all the way up to where the interview spot was. She gave me my questions and I relaxed - THREE questions and only one really specifically technical one. Wow. I prepped and then I felt really good about it.

I was shown in 10 minutes later to the room and met everyone and it was really not a threatening space at all. I really really really like the woman who was running the show. I think if she offered me a job, I might take it just to work with her - good managers are everything. So I did the question and answer thing. I'd been lent a "how to conduct interviews" guide from a friend at work and that told me a lot about what the panel would be trying to get out of me. I think that helped with the ... hmm they're probing, that means they haven't ticked off a box and they want to, what are they asking me that I haven't said and answering that. I was very wetlands focussed - R had told me ages ago, go in with the perspecive of the kind of job you want. So at the end they tried to get me to show I had knowledge in other aspects - which I do but I wasn't overly prepared for that and I got there but it was a bit of a struggle, I think I winced once or twice. I mean, I do know that stuff but I want to be careful I don't take a job that is outside my technical skillset (I haven't been an active engineer in a very long time).

So, it was fine, it was not painful, it was *almost* fun, almost but not actually. And it was weird to feel qualified for what I was applying for. The last panel interview I sat (for in fact this job I am just finishing), I totally tanked and they didn't give it to me (or anyone).

I took the day off in case I needed to recover and now I'm all - in that post exam headspace. I popped past Bunnings to address a rodent issue I have at home. They didn't have any dog/cat friendly poisons so I have opted for one of those - look it's a mouse trap but you don't have to see or hear anything about it. I really really don't want to do this (hence the procrastination) so I'm thinking of cleaning out the pantry, putting absolutely everything in tupperware containers and then sprinkling chilli at the back and around.

I also picked up a new plant to replace one that died in one of the pots near my front door (bad feng shui) and I finally bought an ironing board cause I don't have one.

I came home to a really funny postcard from Russell, addressed to me and Benji and telling me he bought me woollen socks in Albania cause saw them and they made him think of me. Made me laugh. And also to the first pre order sales for Roadkill/Siren Beat, which is a bit exciting. All the plants are planted and now I'm all ... twiddling my thumbs.