September 23rd, 2009


It's raining!

Bit of a stressful start to my morning. And then I've come into work to an offer of potentially short term contract work by the group of people who I have sent Job Application 2. It's unrelated to the job application but will be a good chance to meet and greet and talk shop. It's in 50 mins. Today already feels like a respond/react kinda day.

I'm gonna skip yoga tonight and go to bed early with the second half of Season 1 of Being Human. Probably shouldn't feel this way so soon in the day.

ETA: Informal chat went well. They have some 2 month contracts which might be good but which also might get in the way of sorting a proper grown up job (ie I want a permanent position somewhere). They might offer me something completely else in an editing role and were impressed I had two passions in life! Weird talking about specfic but its onky cv and they read it. Ended up talking all things hydro and was referred to as "talking dirty".

I need to remember this as a good time with a lot of options.


bumbling along

I seriously was not cut out for today. Let's just say I am at my least effective day of the month and not quite on game and I've had much thrown at me today that required dexterity.

We just had another farewell afternoon tea as another two members wrap up and leave - we are a team who love cheese. We're all sitting there being maudlin, eating ... well ... cheese, and one person says, "Hey did I tell you all my dream? I dreamt I won $90 million dollars and I hired you all back to work here."
And C says, "What? You didn't send us all on a holiday? What kind of SICK dream was that?"

I'm so gonna miss this team. And it feels weird, like I'm cheating or something, when I keep laughing and talking in meetings about potential positions in new teams. I'm sure that will pass as the number of pay cheques to come dwindles down further.


random stuff

I'm a Jewish vegetarian who developed OCD (among other reasons) whilst living in a shared house where roommates had dodgy hygeine and where stepping out your room in the middle of the night to go to the toilet could mean your barefoot came in contact with a raw and bloody bone.

So, it is of some oddity that the toy Benji has been carrying around for days now is a dried pig's ear.

The counselling is working?


Big thanks to T for talking me down off the Crazy Ledge (project commitment wise) today. I should remove the comfy cushions and snacks so I don't find myself there so often.