September 24th, 2009

siren beat

Siren Beat

On "Siren Beat" by Tansy Rayner Roberts from jonathanstrahan over at the lastshortstory blog:

The story is set in Hobart, Tasmania where Nancy Napolean acts as guardian of the city, defending it from all kinds of supernatural ills. Three years earlier Nancy was injured and her sister killed when defending the city, and now she's faced with sirens killing kids down at the local market and the unwelcome return of her dead sister's boyfriend. This is Jim Butcher territory - Harry Dresden could almost walk around the corner and you wouldn't be surprised - and Roberts acquits herself remarkably well. Fast-paced, good fun and highly entertaining. I'd imagine a Nancy Napolean novel would be very successful.


The UN sounds like a cack!

Leaders of the world, including Australia's Prime Minister Rudd, addressed members of the UN yesterday. The speeches sound like they were a nice mixed bag and I think I might listen to Gaddafi's in full - WTF!

Addressing the General Assembly, Mr Rudd called on leaders of the world to look beyond their own self interest to reach international agreement in both areas, saying international cooperation was crucial to economic recovery and long-term economic growth.

His address came after wildly contrasting speeches from US President Barack Obama, who challenged world leaders not to rely on America alone to tackle global problems, and Libya's Moamar Gaddafi, who railed against the UN and demanded an investigation into the assassination of John F Kennedy.


Notice: Ticon4 is not dead

From Russell:

Just a quick email to let you know that ticon4 has been hacked and I've had to take it down. As I won't be back in Australia for some weeks, I'll hopefully have it up by 1 November. Please pass it on. It's not dead, honest.


That's bracing

I'm taking the opportunity in this brief lull in TPP projects (What's that you say? I should actually be doing the final edits on Shiny 6? Yes, yes.) to sort through the TPP (micro) finances once and for all. Actually once I just admitted that it needed total immersion and that I would not stop midway this time but would take it all the way to the bitter end so I wouldn't have to reacquaint myself with this all again later and just be in a highly detailed frame of mind for say a week or two, get it done and then just move on, it didn't seem so awful.

It's been really hard to force myself to just stick to the one task though. It's kind of amusing to watch my brain keep wanting to put it down or get distracted by the other steps - see first I have to audit all the TPP-related transactions. Across two paypal accounts, two chequing accounts, two investment accounts, one credit card and for 5 years. And then there's all this reconciling that has to go on. As well as answering a bunch of questions that I have had for some time (which projects are in loss, what needs to be reconciled, how much does ASIF cost me to run, how much does TPP owe me in postage paid etc). I've finally figured out a system for the record keeping, though and that step 1 needs to be, audit and enter ALL the transactions before you can figure out any reconciling that needs to happen and before you can interrogate to answer any of the questions. But gosh darn it the number of times I have to catch my brain starting to try to work through sums and remind it, first you need to know all the knowns!! It hates being brought back to stay on the one track!

Anyway, I'm going great guns and I can see that progress is being made, there will be an end in sight, I have made certain decisions and drawn lines in places and worked out which things actually don't need to be worried about (if I didn't claim X as a tax deduction three years ago, it really doesn't matter now). I've set up a system too that I think is logical. And once all the transactions are entered, I think it will actually be reasonably easy and logical now to maintain. Which in theory means I will be up to date at any point and come tax time, I should just be able to hit print.

But ... each project has a project tally page and each financial year has a tally page. I have pretty much known all along what each project's bottom line looked like except for New Ceres which was always too scary to look at. The thing that I hadn't done was add up what ASif costs to run nor enter those numbers and New Ceres' numbers into the financial year pages so I could pick up each end of year figure and bring it forward so that I could essentially know what TPP's bottom line figure is, today.

Yeah so, now that I've done that (and it doesn't even yet have all the ASIF running costs) I see how I was conveniently ignoring the enormous loss that was New Ceres and why I hadn't wanted that to soil the rest of the books. How sad now that it has.



I took Benji along with me to my massage this evening.

Anyone out there not think that was a stupid idea?



Just figured out why my mother was so upset about her new DVD player - she upgraded a while back and I got her old one. I just put back in the Sarah Connors disc I was watching before I watched two discs of Being Human, from like 4 days ago, and it started playing mid the second episode on the disc where I had stopped it.

Yeah, not having that function would be annoying.

In other news, my mother and/or uncle have now gotten me onto the following shows having found and loved them first - Buffy, Being Human, Dexter, Pushing Daisies, True Blood. They're always going to be cooler than me, aren't they.