September 25th, 2009


Christmas has come early!

And it's raining contracts out our way - a bunch of us got one today. I have a new 3 month contract with the section I have applied for Job 2 (but it's not job 2, that's still pending). I get my 3 week holiday! And the only question is whether I finish here on Sept 30 or Oct 15. My new boss is going to chat with my current boss about it and I don't really feel much like a soccer ball here. My new boss thinks I should take the holiday if I feel I need it. I feel I need it. And he totally understands that he might lose me later on. I really like him already.

And the best bit? It's scientific writing and editing and he might get me to edit something else as well, if he gets interest to publish it.


Reminder of TPP current call for submissions

Twelfth Planet Press is currently reading for Sprawl, a new anthology that will showcase Australia’s best and most exciting writers to an international audience. Sprawl will be launched at Aussiecon4 in Melbourne 2010.

Australia is a nation for the 21st century. Twenty one million people crowded into seven major cities; a modern technologically advanced society that sits perched on the perimeter of a vast dry interior.

Sprawl is an exciting new original anthology, edited by Alisa Krasnostein and published by Twelfth Planet Press, that will give readers from around the world a unique glimpse into the strange, dark, and often wondrous magics that fill the days and nights of Australia’s dreaming cities and towns, homes and parks, and most of all, it’s endlessly stretching suburbs.

Taking as its point of inspiration the delightful and whimsical creations of Shaun Tan’s art and fiction in Tales from Outer Suburbia, Sprawl is intended to be a book that glimpses into the brightest dreams and darkest fears of modern Australia.

Stories for Sprawl should be original fantasy stories of between 2,500 wds and 7,500 wds, and should be Australian in voice and setting, and fantastical in nature. Sprawl looks to pioneer a new subgenre – the Australian suburban fantasy – and we’d love if you could be a part of it!

How: send your submission in rtf attachment to
Length: stories should be between 2 500 and 7 500 words
Submissions will close December 20, 2009.
Payment: AUS$50 per story

Note: This has been edited after TPP was made aware of language used which may cause offense to Indigenous Australians. This was not our intention and we apologise unreservedly for any hurt caused.

on things, randomly

I must say how very supported I suddenly feel at work by the next level up of management - just bumped into a manager for a different section who was worried and asked me how job hunting was going. She has given a couple of contracts out too this week. And it was on her advice that I sent my CV to the branch manager who passed it on when my soon to be new manager asked him for names of people with contracts up. So actually, a lot of concern and looking after staff, which is really nice.

And one of my friends here in this section will be coming over to the new branch with me - she has a longer contract, so that is a definite extra plus.

Onto other things - I have a headache today and I had one yesterday too and this is noticeable because they'd gone away by and large. Yesterday I was not good with the tea drinking and it's funny how much quicker you dehydrate from hydrated. I can't work out if I always felt this bad before or if your body learns to cope better with long term dehydration. I even had that very tired, sleepy thing last night. On the other hand, I *was* tired all the time before. (I've been keeping up with Vit B though which has also really helped - mood, energy levels, sleep etc)

I found a new cafe this week, just round the corner from here - found as in, finally went looking for it having been told about it ages ago. My coffee partner is on leave at the moment and I didn't fancy making my coffee myself without her. It's a lovely little coffee house, reminds me of the one in the little village of N's just outside of London when I stayed with her. But the important thing is they are lovers of good, healthy food and they clearly label everything as additive and preservative free.

I still have the hives situation - in that, I don't have them as I have stripped my diet all the way back to basics and any mess up results in hives. It's probably going to be like this for a while now. So the fact that I know their muffins are safe to eat is a good thing. But I also noticed they have a farmers market on Saturdays and I've been contemplating going along.

Last weekend I finally cleaned out and tidied up most of my kitchen. I'll tackle the pantry this weekend. But the tidiness and organisation had me in a good mood Monday night and I baked myself muffins for the week, with ingredients I was in control of. Slowly this week I have come to realise that I might need to return to cooking all my own food from scratch, like I did last time, so as to totally detox and avoid my allergens. In time, I think it will settle down again and I won't have to do this forever.

I've stripped my diet back but I very easily default to bad eating, being vegetarian on top of it. I kind of like the idea of playing around a bit and getting back into the kitchen - I don't mind it if its planned and organised. If I know what I am doing. Often my kitchen looks like a stereotypical bachelor's - condiments in the fridge, vodka in the freezer, nothing remotely edible on demand. I think callistra blogged her mixed veggie box from Coles the other day and I know that kathrynlinge used to love getting one in England and having the challenge of using all the veggies up in interesting ways. I think I could be up for something like that, maybe? Especially now that I know the kind of work I'll be doing in the very short term. (Not sure I could do it if I have a city commute to do.)

It's where I think I am going with all of this. Another one of those "flick the switch on states" things.


ooh - mostly all sorted

OOh so it's mostly all sorted, I just have to send through the date of the end of my contract so I can get the new one rolled onto it.

I get to go on holidays from OCTOBER 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(I want to get started so that I work a minimum of a month for him, he's been so nice and understanding about all of my situation.)



I don't really know why or wherefore, but lately I have been inhaling TV at a pretty breakneck speed. Since the end of August I've watched:

The L Word, Season 4
The L Word, Season 5
The L Word, Season 6
Battlestar Galactica Season 4
True Blood Season 1
True Blood Season 2
Being Human Season 1
Sarah Connor Chronicles, half of Season 1
Pushing Daisies, half of Season 1

That seems like a lot, I think?

Tonight I popped past my uncle's on the way home for a coffee, and returned Being Human and borrowed Pushing Daisies, Kitchen Confidential and the Dresden Files. I got a tour of the collection as well, and there's many more gems to work my way through. And I gots me some holidays coming up!