September 27th, 2009


Awww ... I feel loved!

Had a really lovely evening over at J and M's place, wandering over a whole variety of conversation. Left at 2am and as I pulled up into my carport, there was a sweet white doggy shaped face looking out, watching to see when I came home. Awww... heartmelting moment!


sexism in Horror

Here's an interesting piece from the Guardian which came to me via gillpolack:

Sexism in horror novels: the real monsters aren't the ones you think.

It seems the British Fantasy Society have popped out a new book In Conversation: A Writer's Perspective, Volume One: Horror, which comprises interviews with 16 writers working in the horror field today. And um, they didn't interview any women at all. The article linked here is I spose interesting, I'm going to have to slightly skip over the bit where they refer to (or blame) paranormal romance as being horror chiclit or you know, reference Stephanie Meyer.

But I kinda liked this bit, in light of the Mammoth Book of Fail discussion recently:

McHugh's post, and the ensuing backlash from female authors, seems to have taken the British Fantasy Society by surprise. The group has apologised for the gender imbalance in In Conversation, and James Cooper, the editor, admits to being "mortified".

Guy Adams, chair and special publications editor at the BFS, wrote on its website this week: "When James brought the manuscript to me with a view to our publishing it, I know he intended no sexism in his selection of the authors but I feel deeply sorry that I didn't flag the omission at the time. It is disgustingly simple for a man not to notice these things, a blindness to the importance of correct gender representation that I feel embarrassed to have fallen into."

Emphasis is mine.
Cause the lesson here is, in order not to look like a total wanker, READ THE INTERNET!!!! Seriously. But more seriously still, this is a (not so) nice backup to the arguments that were made during the Mammoth Book of Fail - if male editors can "accidentally" do this more than once, as in like, totally forget women exist and influence and contribute to any genre, then like, yo, uhuh, I'm gonna have some problems here in the suspension of my sexist disbelief. You know? But let's look at the rest of the paragraph. He "intended no sexism" and the total invisibility of women is a mere "omission".

You can't keep doing this guys, the more of you who do it, on top of those who do it before, the more sexist you look.

But the really awesome bit in the article is this para:

To anyone who regularly reads horror fiction, it seems an astonishing omission. It hardly needs saying that the modern horror genre was kick-started by Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. And a glance at the horror shelves in any bookshop will reveal a host of female writers: Cherie Priest, Sarah Pinborough, Sarah Langan, Tanith Lee and Kaaron Warren, to name a handful..

OUR Kaaron Warren!! If you haven't grabbed yourself a copy of Slights, you should. I haven't finished reading it yet cause it's too damn scary.

Do you think it's the Vitamin B?

This weekend I watched Season 1 of Pushing Daisies and the only season of Kitchen Confidential. I have now started on the Dresden Files. That makes me sound superlazy but I have also cleaned out and refolded a fair chunk of my wardrobe, done all my laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, done a food shop, read for Last Short Story, worked on the TPP taxes, made rocky road and spent a nice long time with friends last night.

I'm starting to think that I'm feeling like I'm moving out of my transition period and settling into this as my life. It's the only way I can explain why I am finally attacking a bunch of tasks that I have left untouched for 2 years. I'm finally actually unpacking properly and moving into my house. I'm running a proper kitchen (this week at least) where I actually bake and cook cause I feel like it and want to, not because I think I should. I'm sorting the TPP finance spreadsheets and taxes and just looking at the cold hard balances on each project rather than the back of the envelope ones. I'm tidying up and actually getting and then being sorted rather than just talking about it.

It's like all this time I've been faking it and now I just *am* it. Hard to explain but like, I want to be the kind of person who doesn't arrive at people's houses with my hands empty. Up till now I've kind of had to make myself do that but last night I did it because I wanted to and it just happened. There was no "I should". And there are less "I shoulds" these days than there have been.

And best of all, I finally have the headspace to watch movies - it's been weird not being able to watch film and not being able to explain why not.

I'm not faking it anymore. And it feels really good. (Also my house and life are much neater and getting far more organised and functional.)