September 28th, 2009


Post Yom Kippur

No matter how much you dream of how much and what you're gonna eat after all day and night fasting, pretty much all you can fit in is a piece of cake and a cup of coffee. But oh my they taste so goooooood.

This was the first Yom Kippur I fasted properly in a couple of years, not feeling well the last few times I fasted. Luckily for me, what with my rooibos obsession of late, I've dropped down to the one cup of coffee a day most days, so the caffeine withdrawal was not too bad. I was really really sleepy all day, and not much energy, but I fasted. And didn't fast too badly.

And that was Yom Kippur. Tomorrow is my second last day at work, I should probably organise a farewell afternoon tea for Wednesday.


Getting Sorted Weekly update

So, the tasks in the Project Management spreadsheet are not all equal. And that is why, I'm still pretty chuffed with this week's performance even though the task number is lower. I got a new job this week. And I sat in my first serious panel interview, which I have always been terrified to do. I did ok this week.

16 Tasks Completed
3 Work
1 Craft
5 Twelfth Planet Press (1 Sprawl, 3 Roadkill/Siren Beat, 1 Horn)
5 House related
2 TV

1 Task moved to Did Not Complete

I have 581 short stories left to read for Last Short Story