September 30th, 2009


panic stations!

I'm at panic stations today but as far as I can tell, I actually did most of my filing along the way. Thing is, I have to check that I did for each thing and that's extremely time consuming. I also have a bunch of errands I need to run before I get on a plane tomorrow night to go to Canberra. And I'm going to a wedding in the middle of the weekend, which is adding another layer of things to do. I haven't actually checked the dress I want to wear is good to go. And I haven't pulled all the necessary paperwork together for the whole thing - you know, plane tickets, membership (thanks to the con committee who have been awesome to deal with), details on where to go for the various wedding commitments, hotel booking, flyers, books etc etc etc.

Yeah I'm stressed.

And also the only one who bothered to bring food in for afternoon tea.

But here's something not at all surprising:

“The new name has simply not resonated with Australians - particularly the modern technical aspects associated with it,” Kraft corporate affairs boss Simon Talbot said.
“At no point in time has the new Vegemite name been about initiating a media publicity stunt.
“We are proud custodians of Vegemite, and have always been aware that it is the people's brand and a national icon."
The “iSnack 2.0” jars would not be recalled and thousands of jars already containing the new label would continue to be distributed around the country for several months.
A second vote would be held to decide a new name, Mr Talbot said.,27574,26146533-421,00.html

How bout this dudes, you have entire divisions, I would imagine, dedicated to R&D, publicity, marketing, advertising. Don't you reckon naming your new product is in someone's JDF in one of those departments?

Just a thought.
ball of yarn

If this was a movie ...

Well, technically they already made this film but go with me on it.

I just sat down and properly opened redbraids's envelope for the October block for the Quilting Bee. And I just realised how much I am enjoying this and how glad I am that I was invited to join. Each person's project is so personal, it's their taste and colours and their purpose for the resulting project. Which on the one hand, is a lot of fun to make each block because there's so much variety and you only have to make one block and voila, at the end of the month a whole quilt is done! On the other hand, you get to peek just a little bit into someone else's world and sitting here reading redbraids's instructions and trying to think about what I should make that I hope she will like, I realised that we get to know her just a little bit more this month.

If this were a movie, it would be the act about her and we'd find out some hidden secret about her first love or some incident when she was a child and she was out with her friends looking for a dead body and they had a narrow miss with a train ... oh no, wait, wrong movie.

But it's not a movie. What I like though is the way women's quilting bees have evolved with time and technology. It used to be that women would meet once a month at someone's house and would work on that person's quilting project - quilts used to be hand quilted and it's more than a one person job to tack the patchwork top to the wadding and the backing and to then quilt them together. It was also a good chance for women to meet up, share recipes, bond, share advice etc. And at the end of the couple of hours, someone got a quilt finished. Useful and fun.

Now time is pressed. We don't live near our friends. And we have the internet. Now we can have virtual quilting bees! And I love this idea. I also love the fact that you can just do one block, and if 11 other people do one block, same fabrics, all in the same month, someone gets a whole quilt - A WHOLE QUILT - at the end of the month. Blows me away!

I just love the communal, sharing vibe.

And I love the project redbraids has given us! True to her personality, she provided lots of information and inspiration and her lovely self flows all through the instructions. I don't know what I am going to make yet but I'm already having fun with it.


I hate packing

Tomorrow I am flying out to Conflux for the weekend. And I've managed to fully stress myself out over the exercise. So I figured I'd pack tonight so I didn't have to stress as much about it tomorrow. I'm meeting up with C in King's Park to run an errand. And then I'm meeting up with waqem007 for afternoon tea. And then I still have many hours to pack before my red eye flight.

I think I've mastered the art of packing this year - Aurealis Award weekend, Natcon, Continuum 5 already. I've managed to exchange superfluous items for books. I gotta sell out some of my books before Aussiecon4 cause I'm pretty sure I can't fit many more lines into my suitcase. As it is, I exchanged pajamas this time for two copies of BoE! Luckily I have a room all to myself this con!

Still not packed properly yet and I have to find scales to weigh my case.

Also, so far this week I've watched Seasons 1 and 2 of Weeds.