October 1st, 2009


All things Twelfth Planet Press

Firstly, we shall be at Conflux this weekend with all our books on sale. Copies of Roadkill/Siren Beat can be prepaid for mailout in a week or so. Look for special con deals.

Secondly, thank you for wandering into bookstores and requesting TPP books!

Thirdly, over at Ripping Reads, Tansy and Dion talk about cover art and "Siren Beat".

And finally some catch up on some Horn reviews:

Over at ASif!, Mit says, "Horn is a tantalisingly fresh novella that longs to be a fully fledged novel and Peter M Ball is an author to watch."

And at Temple Library Reviews, Harry Markov says, "Horn lurks in the dark spectrums of speculative fiction, where you can expect everything and anything. I’d say this is an excellent read for the brave that wish to push their limits."


i don't understand

So I've been following the Roman Polanski thing, and by "thing" I mean that the police finally caught up with him and the US is trying to extradite him back to the States cause he skipped the country instead of standing for sentencing for a crime that he already plead to. And by "plead", I mean that that he agreed to a lesser charge of "sex with a minor", which where I come from, and where he comes from, means "rape". And if you read the court transcript of the minor, it sounded like regular rape on top of sex with a minor, to me.

So to be clear, in a court of law, Polanski at least admitted guilt to sex with a child. Just so we're all on the same page with the minimum of what's going on here.

I don't understand at all, the support that he is getting from his peers. So what I have taken away from this is, in Hollywood, to famous people who want to work again tomorrow, it doesn't matter how heinous you are, they'll like, stand up for you. This isn't really like the McCarthy era. Or Nazi German (subtext and rebuttal intended). Or like some injustice that needs to be righted - in fact the injustice that needs to be righted is for this dude to come back, and do the time that he should be served for the crime that he admitted to doing. Already.

The world is a funny place. And it's not fair or just or right. Not everyone gets their comeuppance, though lots do, in the end. So often though, its easy to mistake friends for the something else - and I wonder what the something else is here. Gotta keep watching as this unfolds, I guess.


hate packing

When I'm King one of the first things I am doing is hiring someone to pack my bag. Course, I'll be King and you get someone to do that in your entourage.

See here I was, all ... oh yes, this is like the 10th time I've flown away for the weekend this year, what a little jet-setter I am, I know how to do this. And mostly I do. I was actually packed last night. But then I leave all these tiny little things to the end and then feel stressed till I lock the case and book the taxi - both of which I have just done.

Here's the things I have not done:
Found my ipod cord so that I could upload and charge my ipod. Bad 21st century gal.
Found the receipt page from Continuum 5 so I could work out what is the float, what is takings and what is whatever for the TPP cashbox.
Bought batteries for my scales to get an idea of what my bags weigh.
Finish printing a novelette I want to read on the flight.

I did though run an important errand this morning, meet up with waqem007, not get stuck in traffic on the way home, deliver Benji to my parents for his weekend away (Oh the house is quiet without him!), manage to put the rest of the things in my bag (toothbrush, antihistamines etc), fit everything in the case, book my taxi.

I hope I'm not bored. I live in fear of not having anything to do.