October 7th, 2009


Sydney launch reminder

A reminder for anyone who’s free this Saturday afternoon (and also, in the vicinity of Sydney), that A Book of Endings will be launching locally:

3pm Saturday 10 October
NG Art Gallery
Upstairs at 3 Little Queen St
Chippendale NSW 2008
(about 2 bus stops from Central Station or a 10-minute walk)

Launch MC: Margo Lanagan

Champagne & OJ provided, or feel free to purchase a drink at the bar downstairs.

$25 on the day (cash sales only on the day, or order online)

And in honour of the event, deborahb is giving away a FREE! copy of A Book of Endings to the person who has the wackiest answer to the question:

What would be YOUR favourite ending?

(Feel free to interpret that any way you like).

Best answer chosen by Friday this week. Postage anywhere in the world!

Test Pattern

I am physically and mentally knackered. Today I'm not even sure I am capable of a conversation. I realise that I did the whole wrap up of my day job, interviews for new options and then finished work, hopped on a plane for a four day con. So today and yesterday were my first Stop days. And now I almost can't get myself to move.

I can kinda do high level stuff for TPP - working through some of the 2010 and beyond plans. But day to day emails and editing etc seem beyond me.

Today I've been watching Weeds and working on my monochrome tumbling blocks project.

Last night was the perfect cure to postcon blues - met up with mondyboy who was in town and robinpen, T, crankynick and vodkandlime at our local and then everyone came back to my place. I finally managed to entertain beer drinkers who happily removed the last, year-old, remains of rebound guy from my fridge. And Benji entertained all - he took a real shine to T.

I forgot to mention I did the ultimate nerd thing at Conflux - when I arrived in my room, finally, I knocked my glasses and the arm fell off. I only had tape and yup, I taped them up and wore em like that the rest of the weekend. Heh. Noone said anything and I was hoping it was ... whatever, but my mother noticed it like the second I walked in the door to her place. I need to get back into wearing contacts.

Also, I gave up sugar sometime last week, sort of.

ball of yarn

It's all interrelated

Sometimes I need to remind myself that I do actually have a plan! I was sitting on the plane the other night working through that time management book and I wrote a vision statement for Twelfth Planet Press, broke it down into goals and then objectives, under which all my projects fit. It all felt rather serious n stuff but it also showed me how everything, and I do mean everything, interrelates and has a role. Including convening Swancon 36 and volunteering for Aussiecon 4. Or I'm just good at retroactively writing things that way :)

Up till now, I probably haven't really said aloud (to more than a handful of people) what that vision statement actually is. And I guess that's why sometimes people look at me and just ask "Why?" or "WTF Why?"

About three years ago, cassiphone blogged about this book, Quilting Lessons: Notes fom the Scrap Bag of a Writer and Quilter and I ordered a copy from Amazon. It's a lovely thin hardback and a very quick engrossing read about an academic who discovered quilting whilst she had writer's block and was grieving for her mother. It's a gorgeous balance of essays about the art of quilting and also a bit academic. What I took away from it is how turning to a creative outlet can help to process or deal with other things going on in your life - that creation and artistic expression can heal the soul.

Which is kinda what I am I doing now.

But I'm also learning a bunch of stuff that I think I will be able to use over at TPP.

The monochrome tumbling blocks project is the first serious, big quilt I've ever attempted. I designed the template myself and used my stash of black and white fabrics that I've been collecting for a few years now. Normally I would get my mum to check over the colours and contrasts before I plunged in. I'm not confident on my eye for colour and texture. One of my objectives with this project was to suck it up and just give it a go, not double check anything but fly solo. See if I could learn something about how colour and texture work in fabrics - the idea with this is that you sew three diamonds together into a block - a dark, medium and light - and when you piece the blocks together, if you did it right, the whole looks 3D.

I've learned a lot so far. Each block works differently and placing them next to each other is quite fascinating. I am going to be piecing together over 200 blocks. I just laid out 150 blocks on the spare bed so that I can rearrange the individuals within the whole for a bit before I start piecing the rows. I think I'm at least going to make 15 rows by 12 columns.

What I'm hoping though is that this project will help me train my eye better for looking both at the detail and the whole of project, particularly when looking at book cover and layout.