October 11th, 2009


Ahh ... finances

So I figured, maybe a month ago?, that this bit of a break would be an excellent time to once and for all sort out my finances. And do my taxes. When I started TPP, I guess I didn't really think it would be this size this soon and I didn't set up any financial tracking systems with that in mind. It's also taken me a while to get a feel for what I'd need and the sorts of ways TPP cashflow works.

So I finally set up some spreadsheet cashflow sheets and figured out all the information I needed to go into them (sort of. I still will need to go back cause I decided half way through on a bunch of things I also want to know.). Now is the hard part, auditing. Cause of course I only midway through switched to a TPP paypal account, and opened TPP banking accounts. And so the auditing is not pretty. Also all the sales are microsales. And often not pretty.

This job was never going to be pleasant. I'm doing a bit every day. And breaking up that into smaller bits. Sometimes it's pretty simple. Sometimes each transaction needs detective work to figure out what it was for. I got better as time has progressed at making sure that transactions are better labelled. I'm looking forward to this all being established, lines being drawn and moving on from here with better systems. Ahem. In the meantime, just in case you thought ALL I was doing was swanning around sewing and watching crap movies, I have some pain here. And a great big giant knotted ball of financial yarn that needs to be slowly untangled and rewound.

It does feel good now, doing it this way instead of the way I tried to do it previously, when I come along and I've left myself questions in the spreadsheet from last time and now the whole thing makes so much more sense and I'm able to answer and move on. I plan to figure this out and draw a line under it, come up with a final answer and just proceed. I've dragged this stress with me for a while now and I'm keen to dispose of it.

More on Siren Beat

While I'm all for equality, what I wanted to play with in the world of Siren Beat was the idea of creating a male foil for Nancy Napoleon who was sexy and yet subordinate. Nick Cadmus is powerful in different ways to Nancy, but he is younger and more headstrong than she is - his impulses get him into trouble and while he is a damned good soldier at her back, putting him in charge of anything would be a very bad idea. He's prone to being seduced and - oh, yes. He's the one who has to be rescued, more than once.

Also, he's not a vampire or a werewolf. He's a sea-pony.

Catch the rest of the piece: Just how romantic is paranormal romance anyway?"


Big Love

I am utterly engrossed in Big Love. I think I might have to leave the house tomorrow and go get Season 2. Polygamy has always been fascinating to me and I think I like the way that its portrayed here. I'm still not sure I like the way the women are treated but it's damned engrossing, all the same.

I think my favourite character is Nicky's mother. She's hilarious.

There's no way I could I could be in a polygamous relationship but I do find the way the women pull together and often times sabotage each other to be interesting (I don't like that narrative about women but..) and also how the first wife kinda runs the show and has to be in charge of keeping everyone else in line.


This is the life!

One of the reasons that I just want to stay home these holidays is not only to replenish myself but also my house. Sometimes my world gets really crazy and I feel like I am a slave to my diary and hardly have time to catch up on the mundane.

Just now I decided to bake muffins - yay! And to my surprise, I had a tupperware container labelled choc chips which had choc chips in it!! Woot! That is a rare find in my pantry. I keep meaning to restock it so that cooking is fun when I decide to do it but again so often I only have time to pop past the shops to get things for dinner and I really rarely have a Saturday spare to do a proper food shop. But a few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to strip my diet back and eat a lot less processed food. I intended to bake muffins for myself instead of buying for work etc. And this must have been where the choc chips came from. I couldn't find a good recipe though and a friend at work gave me one that she used to use when she worked at a cafe. I am trying it out now - pineapple and dark choc chip - and even though I halved the recipe as instructed, I still got a looot!

One of the things I want to do this holiday (and OMG the days are passing too quickly) is restock my pantry and reenergise my enthusiasm for cooking.