October 12th, 2009


Monday - Holidays Week 2

Gosh, I'm a third of the way into my holidays already. It's going quickly and I'm trying to balance the chilling out with the getting things done. What I'm failing at is catching up with people and I suspect that's how the second two thirds of my holiday is going to go as well.

I'm just about to pop out to the post office to send deborahb some more books and to resupply on prepaid envelopes. I might pop past JB HiFi as well. I'm supposed to organise a bunch of things this week to get done around the house and to get Benji clipped. Can anyone recommend a good electrician (for the getting things done in the house not the dog clipping!)? What I really want to do is get my finances and tax sorted, clean out the study and watch more TV :)

Here is the wrap up from the last two weeks of the to do list. Conflux happened and the start of my holidays so ... it's a bit lean:

29 Tasks Done:

2 Work
15 Twelfth Planet Press (4 R/SB, 4 BoE, 1 RWE, 1 NCN, 3 General, 2 Finance)
2 Craft
10 Personal (3 TV: Weeds S3 and 4, Big Love S1; 7 Film: 5 chic flicks, Charlie Wilson's War, Step Up 2)

I will attempt to kick this scores arse for next week and also get the hell on top of my emails which I can not seem to get under 145.