October 16th, 2009



I've decided to make the move to buying organic eggs. I never ever have bought caged eggs and always gone for barn laid or free range. But the other day I cracked an egg that had a shell so thin the whole egg disintegrated in my hand, and the insides went everywhere but in the bowl I was cracking it into. That kind of freaked me out - that the chicken that laid that egg was not healthy.

It's hard not to notice the amount of cancer in my world this year - today I read two posts straight after each other on my flist for heaven's sake. And there's more that's been going on in my offline world too. And you know, it's gotten me thinking. A while ago this happened and my reaction was the same - to become much more careful about what I eat and so on. I'm careful all the time about a bunch of things I eat. I have to know where the fish I eat was fished from, for example, and the same for where my dairy products come from. It feels like a natural progression to need to know that the eggs I eat were laid by healthy chickens. Anyway, I'm trying organic eggs out this week.

The other thing I've been investigating is stovetop espresso coffee. The first cup I made was great. Yesterday I burnt it - burned coffee grounds smell like day old ashtrays. Today's was not that great - maybe the burnt smell percolated through. I hope it's not that my beloved Five Senses does not percolate well :(


late night musings

I should treat taxes the way I deal with lace knitting - at a certain point in the evening, I'm too tired to concentrate properly, continuing will lead to horrible messes. I should do my stints and then put it away for tomorrow. I've sorted one whole bank account records. That leaves 3 and the visa to go. It was making a lot of sense and now it is not. It's possible that it's my brain being tired and tomorrow I will make more sense of more of it. Ugh. Need to step away. It's just that I must be about half way through this by now and I want it to be done. I want to be able to just have one bank statement page to double check accounts with as it comes in. Ugh. Stepping away now.

If you have been in my house you'll know I have a mug obsession. I like certain mugs for certain kinds of beverages. And even though I have experimented with a bunch of different shapes and sizes, I haven't until now found the perfect tea mug. Woo hoo! My purple glass mugs from Ikea are awesome! And I know it's cause they remind me of my Grandmother's mugs - hers were like these but in brown but if they'd made these when she was buying her set she so would have bought these! Tonight I had 3 cups of tea - maybe the reason I have been solely drinking coffee comes down to my lack of appropriate tea cups?! I hope this will help with the hydration issue - living at home in the day these last two weeks has meant a lloooooot of coffee's been drunk.

Tonight I watched New in Town. Love Actually and Capote.

And this, which is the best quote I've read on Tansy's "Siren Beat" - Best laugh-out-loud line from Siren Beat: "Yes, his hooves were cold. I don't want to talk about it." - Thoraiya Dyer.

(it totally is the best line in the book)