October 17th, 2009


ooh - it's like a movie!

Holger Bech Nielsen, of the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, and Masao Ninomiya of the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics in Kyoto, Japan, have ended up with the theory that the Future is trying to stop us from creating a Higgs boson particle.:

This malign influence from the future, they argue, could explain why the United States Superconducting Supercollider, also designed to find the Higgs, was canceled in 1993 after billions of dollars had already been spent, an event so unlikely that Dr. Nielsen calls it an "anti-miracle."
...While it is a paradox to go back in time and kill your grandfather, physicists agree there is no paradox if you go back in time and save him from being hit by a bus. In the case of the Higgs and the collider, it is as if something is going back in time to keep the universe from being hit by a bus. Although just why the Higgs would be a catastrophe is not clear. If we knew, presumably, we wouldn't be trying to make one.


Clearly, we need a clue! Are you the good guys or the bad guys?


woot! It's a sign!

What an awesome day! I'm excited this very minute because I finally went to pack up some of my PhD to put in the box I bought at Ikea for it (the box turned out to be too small and only one in the pack so instead of starting with the one set of cupboards that are really packed, I went for an overflow cupboard) and after I pulled out and packed away some notebooks, I FOUND MY COPY of TED CHIANG'S "Alchemist's Gate". Said copy has been lost since, well since I moved house as it was with the other books I bought at World Fantasy Con 2007 - which would have been packed and unpacked haphazardly after the move after the break up. YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!! And that's a reward for both tidying up AND packing away my PhD.

And I found the cord for my iPod - updating it as I type!

So I decided randomly that it was time to actually fix the straps on this nightie that I'm wearing - I've had them tied in a knot for I dunno 3 years? How long did they take to mend? Less than two minutes, total. Though to be fair, haven't always had my sewing tools *right there* in the last three years. OMG SO loving the difference, why do I just put up with halfway good all the time? What's so darn wrong with all the way good?

Working through account number 2 for my taxes. Sorting out problems. So that is progressing.

We had a Swancon meeting today - went for 2 hours. I really don't know how we pulled that off. I spose mostly it's because we're at the details and lists and execution side of things, we did a lot of the big picture, big planning and skeleton stuff already. I seemed to have walked off with a nice sizable to do list though. And it looks like rocky road (nut free!!) is becoming a requirement at Swancon meetings. Our treasurer has promised us a white chocolate version!

I came home and it was just so hot, I looked at Benji and felt really sorry for him. He's been hot in his coat for a few days, so much so that I've been rugged up in aircon the last few nights so that he isn't panting. I've had trouble finding him a groomer - he got banned from the last one for being snappy and a pain in the arse. I phoned a vet who does grooming but the earliest appt I could get was Nov 18 and since he is "aggressive" and "had been declined by a groomer", he'd have to have a consult with the vet and more than likely be put under anaesthetic. Which costs $500 a go. I thought maybe they'd give him a light tranquiliser but I'm not into knocking him out every 6 weeks just to have a grooming. Anyway, I took the appt but knew that wasn't going to be a short term solution. Looking at him today, it was just too darn hot. So I popped him on the dryer, got a big pair of scissors and started giving him a haircut. He sat there for a good hour and let me do it, never snapped, never needed coaxing. And seemed rather happy. He wouldn't stand up though so when we went to my parents' for a late cuppa, I got my Mum to help me just finish off his backside and one paw that he wouldn't let me at. And now he looks all shorn and cute and puppy-esque again.