October 21st, 2009


all good things

As a result of the whole fb v twitter discussion, a bunch of us have taken up tweetdeck which enables you to get feeds of both twitter and facebook into the one window. I quite like it, I think, now that I have gotten a handle on it. You can post your status updates from there and see comments and retweets and so on.

The other thing is this - for a while now, I have stopped automatically friending or following back. In all my accounts across this great southern internet. It became part of my friending policy when I started being friending by people I didn't know either directly or through a friend. But lately, I've kinda felt that I'll wait to be contacted by someone who has friended/followed me - either by say commenting or responding or replying. And now that I think about it, I realise that in part that screens out the people who want to talk at me about themselves/their products. Which, I'm not really all that interested in. It's a good policy, I think.


What do you think I fought for in Omaha Beach?

This brought tears to my eyes.

He skips over it quite quickly but he was one of the American liberators of the Nazi concentration camps. Men who will forever be respected and admired by me - men who walked into hell and were not expecting to see what they saw. And who were the first kind, honorable men who survivors saw after the years of horror that filled their daily lives.

So for me, to see one such American soldier, standing there at 86 and making a speech about equality for everyone, about the same rights for all ... well, it reminds me that there ARE good people in this world, people who make a difference and who believe in fighting for what's right. And you know ... that some ideas transcend time and space and generation.



things n stuff

My brain finally switched back on and warmed up enough to do some prep for my interview tomorrow. I'll cram again in the morning and you get 10 mins prep with the questions before hand. Hopefully I'll do ok.

I'm also hoping my brain will switch off again tomorrow afternoon post-interview. I have a few more days left on holiday and I liked the way things were. It was an interesting feeling though, trying to get myself back to concentrate. I haven't really done much thinking these last 3 weeks - weird.

I've learned a few things though:

- having a clean and tidy kitchen really does make me happy
- it's much easier to do a few dishes at a time than wait and do them all at the end of the day
- I make a lot of dirty dishes
- burn out made me tired and also made me keep really extreme hours for social activity
- it's nice to cook and have leftovers to eat later
- I want to have a nice house, with lots of nice things around, but it turns out, before I can make the surface pretty, i need to dig deep and sort out the hidden secrets and nasties
- finally confronting demons is scary but exhilarating
- I need to monitor how I manage my time and my space post holidays - I'm finally able to think, to plan and to schedule and I have a few spots in the diary back to pre holiday crazy. If I don't manage this, I'm going to get burnt out again AND I won't have enough time at home to do maintenance stuff and my house will slip again
- maintenance on tidiness is not a big deal but it is CONSTANT, as soon as you miss it for a bit, you're back to mess and disorder
- order and tidiness make me happy and make me feel in control
- I have not felt in control of my life for a really long time