October 23rd, 2009


Getting sorted - more things I have learned

If you declutter properly ie actually go through all those boxes of who knows what crap and look at each page and file, toss or forward, there is ALWAYS a monetary reward. It could just be me, and that I am really crap with cash, but I think I have always found some notes when cleaning, properly cleaning, out my room/house.

So why yes, I did find some birthday money last night. Long since spent and not reimbursed.

Last night this reward was for ... throwing away most of my fanfiction, all my notes related to those programs and plot bunnies etc, throwing away a lot more crap related to the ex (all sorts of things I had saved - all gone), tossing out saved bits and pieces that I really do not need.

It was very liberating and then I found cash!

Something else I have discovered about myself, I feel much more like reading when my house and space is free of clutter and mess. I'm not saying I've actually *done* any reading, but I do feel more like doing it now. I can sense reading in my future :P But the other thing is ... reading with purpose!! As I have been cleaning out my study, I've culled some books that I will never read and returned some books I had borrowed and sent out as many review copies for ASif! as I can talk the reviewers into taking. And so things have started to get much more organised. All my books now fit into my bookshelves. And I'm looking at my to read pile with the idea of ... hey if I read that, I could return it and free up space. And also I suspect that I wasn't reading my newly acquired books because I had no room to fit them into my bookshelf.

So I've been culling my to read pile - if I can only read X books in my life, do I want this to be one of them at the expense of say Y? Yes, a lot of BFFs have been returned to their owners. But now I'm actually eyeing this pile off, not as reading, but as potential tidying up - if I read the books I've got of Tansy's before Xmas, I could return those in person. If I worked through all the graphic novels of Tehani's, that would be a big space created.

I see progress in my future. Reading with purpose :)