October 26th, 2009


Horn Spotting Ahead

My friend G from work was following the production of Horn as it went to print and he bought one of the first copies hot off the press. And then he never mentioned it again to me and I kept thinking that he was appalled by the unicorn snuff rape porn and didn't want to like mention it ever again.

I think though that actually he hadn't read it yet because this is the photo he sent me this morning:

Clearly it made it on their trip to Queensland where they found this unicorn crossing!! G told me he was disappointed that he did not sight a unicorn crossing the road. I'm kinda sad too.

You can still grab your own copy of Horn for $10 plus postage.


well then

I had intended to do so many things today after work, I even wrote a list. I managed to get redbraids' block 2/3rds done and then realised I am wiped. Ready for bed though oddly, after spending all day in front of a computer reading, the only thing I feel like doing is reading.

I think I'll give myself first day back at work free day pass. All was good.

In the meantime I did write a piece today on the viability and promotion of indie press.

Soooo tired.



Sometimes I miss my old dog - a boxer with a really lovely heart and a wee bit too aggressive for his breed. He was really awesome with me being skittish at night. He'd come in and join me to watch horror and then leave the room when it was done and I could always get him to come with me in the middle of the night to the other end of the house or to the toilet when I used to live in share houses. I'd just ask him to come and he would, he'd trot along next to me, sit outside the toilet door and wait for me. Such a fucking good dog.

I just got Benji to do his first run with me. Compare the scene if you will - me wandering down the house with a medium sized dog that bites versus me picking up a half asleep dog, really very unimpressed, and carrying him through the house to check I locked all the doors.

Why yes I am reading a scary book at night. Don't know why!