November 3rd, 2009


You gotta laugh

Yesterday I felt like I was in a deep depression and had been there for weeks. I tweeted about it and then realised that whilst I have a system for combatting depression, I hadn't actually put any of it into force.

Last night I made the most of the 6 hours between walking in the door after work and hitting the sack. I cooked a protein rich dinner, more from scratch than I normally would. I had the energy to tidy up the kitchen afterwards, tinker around on the TPP website a bit, parcel up the sales for posting, sew a border on my kimono wallhanging and sew all but the last panel of the quilting bee block for October. I read one and a half books for the Aurealis judging and finished off UK Queer as Folk. And got to finish the night off with the show Momma's Boys which is awesome in its badliness.

I feel much better today - a combination of a decent meal, lots of protein, a feeling of productiveness and accomplishment, balancing time between jobs on the to do list and craft and recreation, and a good night's sleep. All part of the *system*. I will make sure the system remains activated to combat the meh.

Feeling better gave me the ability to laugh - both A_ and I received letters in the mail telling us we were successful in our interviews for Job Application 1. Which means we both made it through to the pool. Getting second coffee for the day just produced this conversation:

Me: Just thinking that we could sit in that pool for 12 months, never hear anything and then get a letter in the mail that says, "You are no longer in the pool. Thanks for playing!
A_: You have been a valuable competitor."

That we laughed for a good 10 minutes tells you our shared headspace.

I'm still trying to decide if I have the energy to apply for two more job pools for the same organisation, due 16th Nov.