November 4th, 2009


getting on with getting on

Well I have been busted - so much for thinking I was invisible at work (I'm very quiet there! Shut up! I sit at my desk in my office for 7.5 hours and then I go home). Today we had the copier guy out to run a class on how to use it - it's new, it's pretty awesome, I'll never need anything but the print, copy and scan on default functions. Somehow we got to talking about coffee (it doesn't make you one but it should) and someone mentioned how my old section has a coffee machine, and I mentioned that I duck over there in the mornings to get one and I got several, "Oh so that's where you slip out to" and "Oh so that's where you get your coffee from." Hmm. Not that quiet nor invisible then.

I've been getting on with getting on with things the last week or so. This has involved admitting important facts like, I live alone, this seems permanent for now, I need to know how to get this shit done myself. So I have successfully assembled my Ikea furniture - this involved buying my own screw driver set, since I didn't have one. And borrowing a hammer. Benji has assisted in helping the screw drivers look aged by, um, nicking off with one and chewing the handle. I also borrowed a ladder and attempted to replace four lightbulbs. I'm 2 for 2 now - some have been in there for so long (the house was vacant before I moved in) that they have fused and will need an electrician to fix. I also figured out the issue with my bathroom light not working and don't need an electrician for that. Let us not speak of it. And this morning I FINALLY tackled the rodent issue and booked in an exterminator who will come Friday and hopefully fix this for me. I also sorted out a ton of birthday gifts - Oct/Nov is big birthday month this year it seems. I already have forgotten one. Damnit!

I've been sort of taking a break from the editing and book publishing side of things. It's the end of publishing year, and my first deadline doesn't kick in til Nov 15 (he knows who he is). And then the Sprawl deadline isn't till Dec 20. So I've been doing other publishing type tasks. The finances are so almost done that I have two appointments lined up for the reconciling and truth facing side of things. I have also been sorting sales, review copies and answering emails. And working on the upgrade to the Twelfth Planet Press website. There are now a bunch of other Aussie small press books available for purchase from the Store. And a couple more still to go on.

I've been reading mostly. And working through some craft projects - finally posted redbraids block off to her this morning which is just as well as the fabric for the November block arrived yesterday. I have been fighting with the borders of my kimono wallhanging but I think I might have made progress last night on this one. Aurealis reading is progressing. And I'm vaguely toying with nyssa_p's 30 reviews in 30 days - I'd only have to write 3 extras above the one per day to catch up and I did write half of one last night anyway. And this would move a fair bit through my to read/hanging about piles.

We'll see. I have yoga tonight. Yay.

on a hot and steamy night ...

... you're stretchier! I glimpsed the half lotus on my left side tonight. Though my knee hurts now so maybe that was bad practice.

I've embarked on a new emotional journey this week. Thank you to the couple of people who have kicked me onto the path guided me to a new way of thinking and are helping me to explore this.

Here's what I have, no matter how honest you are, what you discover is that this honesty just brings you to a place where you can finally start being honest. That honesty shows you how honest you yet need to be. Much like yoga really - you work really hard to attain a pose only to find, once you get there that you have finally mastered the preparatory pose. Or that this was pose A of A-E.